Welcome to an incredible and unique opportunity to take part in a special gaming event. We’re bringing together sighted gamers along with blind and low vision gamers to unite our communities in support of the National Federation of the Blind of North Dakota. The NFB of ND is on a mission to empower and change the lives of the citizens of our state and we at Paradox couldn’t be more excited about working with them.

Two words govern the lives of blind / low vision citizens and often the lives of nerds: low expectations. Far too often, non-sighted people think they can’t participate in activities they desire. As sighted people, most of us don’t realize that something as every day as gaming can be achieved by blind individuals with simple adaptation. Blindness is just a characteristic, similar to someone’s height or hair color, and it doesn’t define our friends any more than those other characteristics might define us.
“It’s Your Turn” is an incredible opportunity to share the love of gaming between two communities who have such similar challenges. Nerds are often on the fringes of society and struggling for acceptance as well. On March 7th, we’re celebrating our ability to live the lives we want and be whoever we want to be. You're always welcome at Paradox and both we and the NFB of ND believe in you.
Board games, card games and role-playing games challenge your imagination, your creativity, and inspire you. They bring out and create friendships, puzzle solving, and (if all goes well) laughter. They bring together people from all walks of life and give them a chance to escape into a world of adventure.

It’s Your Turn Game Day Schedule and Details

*Open Gaming Space
Our Game Day always starts with you and your games. Bring your favorites - we’ve got the tables and chairs waiting.
*Accessible Gaming
We’re going to have a whole host of games for everyone. If you are a blind gamer afraid you can’t play the same games as everyone else, we’re going to show you you can. If you're a sighted gamer, we’re going to demonstrate the tools that blind and low vision people use to game. Most of all, by bringing you all together, we’re going to break down the barriers to your friendship and shared common interests.
*Fundriasing Donations
We’re bringing a unique fundraising opportunity to this event: You’ll be able to try to win great games by buying tickets and entering drawings for them in a fun and unique way.

*Full schedule coming soon - expect demos of various board games and RPGs that everyone can play!

If you’ve ever hesitated to take your turn in life, this is your game day. If you are a blind or low vision person who’d like to play games, join us. If you are a sighted gamer who would like to learn how blind or low vision gamers can game, join us. Let’s live the life we want and play some games!