Saturday March 7th

*Prize Drawings & Donations
*Open gaming
*Accessible games for sighted and blind gamers
*Dungeons and Dragons
*Magic: the Gathering

Our game tables have brought together friends, families, and helped build an incredible community. With my fellow gamers and despite my low vision / blindness, I’ve navigated play with magnifiers, kindness of other players, and determination that stems from your belief in me. Many of you have met lifelong friends or family here, discovered unbelievable new games, or even started careers. This Game Day is dedicated to empowering more people to join us by gaming on behalf of the blind / low vision citizens of North Dakota and helping us all live the life we want.

Entry Fee: $5 Suggested Donation

*This applies to all attendees whether you are here for Open gaming or a scheduled event. Much as we ask you to donate for Extra Life, this is a fundraising event. You can donate as little as $5 or as much as you’d like.


*You can buy tickets and use them to try to win great items. Stay tuned for a full list coming soon, but to whet your appetite you can expect:

Board Games
A Complete D&D Experience
An Eye Exam
Nerd Day Out in Downtown Fargo

And much more!

You'll be able to purchase tickets as follows:

$5 Ticket = 10 tickets
$10= 25 Tickets
$20= 50 Tickets

You can then place those tickets in the buckets for whichever prizes you hope to win - spread your tickets out over multiple prizes or go all in on one. Either way you're giving money to a good cause!

Accessible Games Available

*We’re working with 64 Oz Games, the makers of the tools blind people need to play games, to bring in a huge variety of the most popular games. Until 64 Oz Games revolutionized gaming, blind and low vision players had no access to the games on your shelves and at our store. We’ll have tables set up for anyone to use and we’ll have staff ready to teach anyone who needs to learn. Here’s what we have to play:
*Love Letter
*7 Wonders
*Sushi Go
*Sushi Go Party
*Sherrif of Knottingham
*Red Dragon Inn
For more information on 64 Oz Games products, please visit their website below or ask Paradox for assistance:


Braille card sleeves are one of the ways 64 Oz. Games makes games accessible to blind/low vision players!

Scheduled Events

*Open Gaming:
This is your hobby and your community. Our open gaming is the backbone of any game Day. Bring your favorites, make a donation, take part in the raffle, and on top of that raise expectations.

*Dungeons and Dragons:
Beginning at 2PM, we’ll have two DMs ready to run an adventure for up to 14 people. We’ve got Braille dice and character sheets and we’re running an entirely theater of the mind fantasy quest with no maps or minis required. Our regular D&D players, beginners, and blind / low vision players are welcome to this event.

*Magic: the Gathering:
Magic is our biggest game and this event would not be complete without it. We’re expecting Braille demo decks so anyone can learn to play. Additionally, for our veteran players, we’ll have Commander and booster Draft. Read this link for full details on this one as it’s growing into something really special!

a message From Rich Early, owner of Paradox Comics-N-Cards

I admit i didn’t realize how unique this event would become. I am receiving donations and contributions and attentions from forces all over the country. You are about to be part of something truly special. It’s a chance for the gamers of Fargo / Moorhead to make a real difference and show what an incredible community you are. I hope you’ll consider joining me. One act can change the future. It’s starts at a game table and becomes something no one can predict. If you choose to join us for one afternoon, you might change a life forever.

Richard Early owns Paradox Comics-N-Cards, located at 26 Roberts St. N. in downtown Fargo.
David Samson / The Forum

It’s Your Turn Game Day benefits the National Federation of the Blind of North Dakota. the NFB of ND believes that all people can live the life they want and its mission is to provide the connections, resources, and community to help anyone accomplish that goal. All fundraising will be used by the organization to reach blind and low vision citizens of North Dakota, help people losing their sight, build a state convention to give them a home, and educate sighted friends and businesses to understand what blindness and vision loss are.

For more information on NFB of ND, please visit: