Key Forge March Madness!
chainbound events come to Paradox and that’s just the beginning!!


Are you ready for the biggest month of Key Forge yet? It all begins during our March Game Day Blockbuster!

Key Forge Game Day Sealed Deck
Chainbound Event
Saturday, march 2nd

Registration: 12N
Start Time: 1PM
Entry Fee: $7.50 + 1 unopened Key Forge Deck
Format: 3 Swiss rounds, cut to top 4*
*the 4 players with the best record will go on to a special, single elimination finals! As part of your reward for making the finals, you’ll recieve 1 additional Key Forge unopened deck and use that to determine a champion!
Top 4: 1 sealed Key Forge deck + additional promo cards and Paradox Prize Wall Points
All other players: Paradox Prize Wall Points based on final standings!
Participation promos for all players

We’ve added Key Forge to our Paradox Prize wall so now when you play in tournaments, you earn points to spend on Key Forge products! 10 Prize Wall Points is equivalent to $4. Total amount of Points will be determined based on attendance and weighted by order of finish with all players guaranteed at least 10.

Sealed deck has been our most popular format so far and as we launch our March madness, we want to start strong! See you there for the beginning of our biggest Key Forge OP yet!! Check our Events calendar to register!

Key Forge March League
New chain format!!

Our first league was a bare bones excuse just to play some Key Forge games. About a dozen of you loved every minute of it. Now it’s time to take your gaming to the next level!!

Each week, report up to 5 games. We’ll collect all your results and assign Chains to the most powerful decks for the next week’s games. This will fluctuate each week of the league and we’ll create prizes based on the results.

How it works:
*Enter up to 3 Key Forge decks into the league beginning March 2nd. League entry fee is $10.
*Report up to 5 games a week. Please try to report no more than 3 games against the same opponent. We’ll have a revised weekly league form that allows you to indicate who your opponent was, which deck you played against them, and who won. You ca pick up each week’s form starting on Saturdays and you get the next one when you submit the old one.
*You’ll earn league points for each game reported and each game won. You can play as many games as you wish and report your best 5.
*Each week, when you submit your form for the week, your decks will be assigned Chains depending on how they performed the previous week. Your decks could fluctuate up and down or just keep piling up chains depending on how powerful they are.*Saturday is our league anchor day. We have 2 tournaments this month on Saturdays plus you are welcome every week for games. Otherwise, use our Key Forge Facebook group to schedule games.

Key Forge Archon Reversal
Because you demanded it!!!!

Each player brings a deck to the tournament which they believe is challenging to win with. Each round of the tournament, opponents temporarily swap decks for that match, and try to win the round with the deck their opponent brought.

Registration: 12N
Start Time: 1PM
entry Fee: $7.50
Format: 4 Rounds Swiss
Prize Wall Points
Additional promo cards to all players

Every key Forge deck is like solving a puzzle. Are you ready to solve the puzzle your opponent brings? Pick out a deck you think is as hard to play as you can and remember your opponent will be doing the same thing. You’ll play one game matches against 4 other Key Forge players and you’ll get 4 totally unique puzzles to solve!! Check the Events calendar to register!

Age of Ascension preorders!
We’re not sure the exact release date but we’re sure it’s going to be a huge party!! Order your decks and starters today from our e-commerce store and you’ll have them the second they arrive!! We’re planning an unboxing party plus lots of events to celebrate so as soon as we have a date, you’ll get all the info you need!!

What a month! We can’t wait to see you all here!!!