Magic: the Gathering – Commander (2018 Edition)

• Release Date: Friday, August 10, 2018!
• 4 New Commander Decks (Adaptive Enchantment, Exquisite Invention, Nature’s Vengeance, and Subjective Reality)!
• Each deck contains: A ready-to-play 100-card Commander Deck, including never-before-printed Magic cards, 1 deck storage box, 10 token cards, strategy inserts, & rules reference guide!
• $39.99 each OR Complete Sets for $119.97 (Buy 3 / Get 1 Free)!
• Pre-order Today!

It’s Christmas in August for Commander Players! The biggest day of the year is here and Paradox has its biggest offer to match!

You read it right! Pre-Order all 4 Commander Decks, but pay for only 3! We’ll even let you choose which one is free so you don’t feel dirty buying your least favorite!

Just need one deck? No problem. We have that for you, too. It’s your format, your way, all the time!

But wait, there’s more. For the first time ever, you can order your decks online! Just click the PayPal button on this page for a full menu of our delicious Commander Decks! Sorry, no, we don’t have fries or any a la mode options. But it’s just a click away and you’ll be the proud owner of the hottest new MTG release for your favorite format!

Commander (2018 Edition): *In-store pickup only.

Don’t have PayPal? Like to do things the old fashioned analog way? Just call or stop by Paradox, your friendly local game shop today and one of our specialists will take your order!

Paradox Comics-N-Cards
26 Roberts ST N
Fargo, ND 58102

But, wait, there’s still even more! Right this very second, our crack team of Magic scientists is concocting a day of Commander fun and games for Saturday, August 11! Celebrate this huge release, play with friends old and new, and put those brand spanking new cards to work! Stay tuned for full details coming soon!

That’s it, Commander Players! These decks are perfect for long time players looking to spice up their existing decks or for a first timer looking to get started with the 100 card craze that’s sweeping the nation! Order today so you guarantee what you want!


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