Magic's next core set is just around the corner

This year’s Magic Core Set is here and we’re prepared for all play options. As the continuing Covid-19 pandemic affects all our lives, WotC and Paradox are working to make sure you can play the world’s greatest card game under any circumstances.

In-Person Tabletop Events:

*Friday, June 26 6PM
*Saturday, June 27: 12N
*Sunday, June 28th: 12N
Each M21 tabletop Prerelease is capped at 16 players.
Registration must be done online.
3-0: 5 M21 Draft Packs
2-0-1: 4 M21 Draft Booster Packs
2-1: 3 M21 Draft booster Packs:
All other records: 2 m21 Draft Booster Packs
*Note: This pay out exceeds our normal 2 packs per player prizes from previous prerelease events.
*Players may only register for 1 event at this time. Should the current events fill up, we will open up additional events.
We’re very excited for the return of Tabletop Magic at the shop, but we’re extending our “Paradox Together” policies to include brand new event protocols. Gaming is our hobby, our lifestyle, but our health and safety comes first. We are all in this together and it takes all of us to keep a safe environment for these events to occur. The M21 Prerelease is our only event in June and we’ll study the results as we expand our organized play in July and beyond. Together, we’ll set a standard and model to guide us through the rest of 2020 and beyond. Thank you to all our players for your participation.
Paradox Together Events:
According to the best data we have, events are the most high risk activity and we will only be able to proceed with your help following our policies. We’ve invested in your safety by developing our website for online ticketing and adding sneeze guards to the Event Center as well. All attendees are expected to read and follow all Paradox Together policies and anyone not able to follow them will be unable to participate or asked to leave at any point. All events are subject to cancellation at our discretion as we continue to evaluate safety based on ongoing Covid-19 data. 
Player Policies:
*All players will be temp checked before being admitted to the Event center.
*Players are required to wear masks:
*Players must either be seated at their assigned seat or at one of our gathering tables and may not gather otherwise at the counter or around the room.
*Players must wash or sanitize their hands between all matches and other activities related to playing in the event.
*No persons other than players will be allowed in the Event Center and players may not spectate on other matches.
*All sign ups must be done online and all match reporting will be handled as digitally as possible.

At-Home Prerelease League

This option will be available regardless of the status of our Tabletop events.
Entry Fee: $29.99
All At-Home Prerelease Participants receive 1 M21 Prerelease kit and 2 M21 Draft Booster Packs as well as a At-Home Prerelease league tracking sheet.
How it works:
*Build a 40 card minimum deck using only 1 Prerelease Kit and your 2 Draft Booster Packs.
*Play 4 best-of-3 matches between Friday, June 26th and Friday, July 3rd.
*Turn in your tracking sheet to claim your additional prizes beginning on Friday, July 3rd.
*Players may buy more than 1 At-Home Prerelease Kit and earn prizes for each tracking sheet completed.
All prizes while supplies last.
Prizes will be any combination of Promo Packs from Ikoria, Lair of Behemoths, Theros Beyond Death, and any other available Magic Promo Packs.
*1 Magic Promo Pack: Complete your At-Home League Tracking Sheet
*1 Magic Promo Pack: Win at least 1 match.
*1 Foil Magic Promo Pack: Win all 4 matches.
All completed At-Home Prerelease League tracking sheets will be entered in a drawing to win one of 2 M21 Bundles.
Safety Note: Please do not gather in groups of more than 10 or preferably only play with friends and family in your home. We do not encourage anyone to make unsafe choices to complete their At-Home League.