M20Prerelease copy

*New days and times!!!

*New EXCLUSIVE Premium store booster drafts!!!

*Prerelease: July 5th-7th

*Preroders: available now


Every summer, the Magic the Gathering Core Set brings you your best opportunity to start playing, rejoin the amazing games, or build your collection even further. Core Set is a storyline-free set of cards designed to be played in any deck in any format and featuring the most iconic elements of the world’s greatest card game.

 This year’s core set is one of the most exciting in our history! It’s our first event as a WPN Premium store and you get your first benefit of EXCLUSIVE booster drafts! Plus for the first time ever, the prerelease starts on Friday!!


M20 Prerelease details:

Here’s everything you need to know about the prerelease weekend plus links to register for everything:

**Is this your first prerelease? Are you wondering exactly what a prerelease is? Here’s a quick overview:

A new  Magic the Gathering set releases every few months and to celebrate, we bring you a special event called a prerelease. It’s a full weekend of events featuring your chance to get your hands on the new cards before they are even released. As you’ve noticed by now, you can play over and over again all weekend long and we hope you can find a time to join us at least once!

Sealed Deck

4 Rounds - Matches played Best-of-3

$24.99 Entry (+tax)

Prizes based on record, and everyone gets at least one pack!
Friday - 3pm, 6pm
Saturday - 12pm, 6pm
Sunday - 1pm, 6pm
4-0: 9 Packs
3-0-1: 6 Packs
3-1: 3 Packs
2-1-1: 2 Packs
All Others: 1 Pack

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2-Headed Giant Prerelease Sealed Deck

4 Rounds - Single game matches

$49.98 Entry (+tax) per team (2 players)

Prizes based on record, and every team gets at least two packs!
Saturday - 6pm
Sunday - 6pm
4-0: 18 Packs
3-0-1: 12 Packs
3-1: 6 Packs
2-1-1: 4 Packs
All Others: 2 Pack 

Reserve Your Tickets Today!

Drafts are Back!

WHOA! It’s been a while since we have been able to do this. Paradox is a WPN Premium store, and that means we get the privilege of running Booster Drafts during the Core Set 2020 Prerelease weekend. Booster drafts are available on-demand, starting at 3pm Friday. Once 8 players are ready to draft, we get things going!

8-player pods
3 packs Core Set 2020 - Best -of-3 matches
$15 Entry
Firing on-demand starting Friday at 3pm
3-0: 4 Packs
2-1: 3 Packs
1-2: 2 Packs
All Others: 1 Pack


M20 Preorders:

The prerelease is just the beginning!! It’s where you get to see the cards for the first time, but while you are waiting, you can place orders on everything M20:

The M20 prerelease is an incredible event all by itself but it’s just a  part of our  “Summer of Magic” excitement. “Summer of Magic” is our ongoing program to give you the most fun filled summer vacation you’ve ever had and to get you playing our favorite game however you want. There are ongoing events happening every week along with a few blockbuster big weekends and this is the first! Even that’s just the beginning. The M20 prerelease also just happens to land on what we call Nerd-Dependence Day Weekend so we have 3 full days of events planned not just for Magic but also comics, board games, and D&D.  If you are looking for a summer blockbuster, look no further!