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This blog is your home for all the biggest announcements to make sure you can get to the right event for you! Read on for full details including where to begin your Magic hobby all the way to how to start your path to being the world’s #1 gamer!

We’ve organized everything in chronological order so make sure to read carefully!


Throne of Eldraine

The next great set in Magic history is upon us and we’ve got everything you need to start your collection!


*From booster boxes to bundles and everything in between, you’ll find it right here at our online shop! Otherwise, call or stop by the store and our staff will get you taken care of!

Prerelease preregistration

*every set starts at the prerelease and we anticipate a huge event so make sure you hop online and use our event registration system to get what you need or swing by the shop and don’t miss out!

Prerelease Weekend

*It’s the biggest weekend of events we’ve ever offered! It all starts Friday the 27th of September and 3PM and runs for 3 days! You’ve got more time slots and more play options than ever so no matter your schedule, you’ll find an event! Or if you are a fanatic, you can play all weekend!

Throne of Eldraine Release Weekend

You’ve played the prerelease, you’ve placed your preorders, or you’ve been waiting but the wait is over!

Friday, October 4th 10AM: on sale!

We’ll unveil our singles along with everything else!

Friday Night Magic October 4th

Your first chance to play all your new cards from booster draft to Standard, Modern, and Commander. Let’s see what those Throne cards can do in your hands!

Saturday, October 5th: special booster draft release events!

We’ll have a day full of special events to crack packs and have some laughs!

The biggest day in Magic: Saturday October 12th

Start your path to player’s tour or party like it’s 1999! This day has Magic for everyone!


WPN Qualifier

You can go from your seat at Paradox all the way to the top of the Magic world! It all starts here with the brand new WPNQ and Player’s Tour! Be the next champion to come from North Dakota and make a name for yourself!


Open House Party

It all comes down to this! We’re building towards. The biggest and most exciting night in the history of Magic at Paradox! Play Magic however you want against anyone you want in an all out, no holds barred, gaming spectacular! Free booster packs, promo cards,playmates, and booster box giveaways all FREE!

There you have it. All the events you could dream of. Meantime, we’re working hard to continue our overhaul of the shop and you’ll see a brand new prize wall, new buy lists, and more and more great improvements! For more than a quarter century, Paradox has been your home for Magic and we’re just warming up! Spread the word, share your love of this game, and get your spots reserved, your product ordered, and get ready for incredible memories!!