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Welcome to your website home for our return (to the return) to Ravnica at Paradox Comics-N-Cards!

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Welcome back to Ravnica, perhaps the most popular plane in the history of Magic:The Gathering! We present here your complete guide to Preorders, Prereleases, and so much more!

The story gears up for the final showdown with Nicol Bolas. On Ravnica, whoever you are — soldier or scientist, merchant or spy — your guild is the core of your identity. It provides structure and greater purpose. Now, the time has come to defend it.

And now the web page you’ve been waiting for! Right here, right now, you can join the Guilds of Ravnica at Paradox! Preregister for the Prerelease! Preorder product! All online!

PS: You can do all this at the shop as well! Just ask a friendly Paradox employee when you stop by or call: 701.239.9505

Prerelease Preregistration:

We’re hosting 6 total events and you can choose your preferred Guild for each.

Sealed Deck Entry Fee: $25

2-Headed Giant (2HG) Sealed Deck Entry Fee: $25 per person

*If you are new to Magic: The Gathering and Prereleases, please read the full details on these events posted below.

Saturday, September 29:

Sealed Deck 1 (Friday/Saturday, Midnight):

Sealed Deck 2 (Saturday, Noon):

Sealed Deck 3 (Saturday. 6PM):

2-Headed Giant 2HG 1 (Saturday, 6PM):

Sunday, September 30:

Sealed Deck 4 (Sunday, Noon):

Sealed Deck 5 (Sunday, 6PM):

2-Headed Giant 2HG 2 (Sunday, 6PM):

What’s a Prerelease?

Prereleases are special events the week before a new Magic set goes on sale. We can’t sell you packs, boxes, or singles yet, but you can get your hands on the new cards at 6 events over the course of a whole weekend.

There are two types of tournaments: Sealed Deck and 2-headed Giant Sealed Deck. Here’s how each works:

Sealed Deck:

When you enter one, you receive a special Prerelease Kit containing Guilds of Ravnica booster packs, special promotional material, and a unique dice and deck box. Using only the contents of your box, along with basic land from us, you build a deck for 4 rounds of exciting gaming! At the end of those rounds, you get additional booster packs based on how many times you won! It’s that simple and it’s that fun!

2-Headed Giant (2HG):

2HG is a unique variation where you and a friend play together against another team. In 2HG, you and your partner each receive a Prerelease Kit and you use them to build 2 decks, play 4 rounds, and earn prizes!

But wait there’s more! Ravnica remains just about the most unique plane for Magic: The Gathering because it’s home to 10 guilds making it an incredible and dynamic game play experience. Guilds of Ravnica features 5 of those Guilds: Boros, Dimir, Golgari, Izzet, and Selesnya! When you come to a Prerelease event this time, you get to choose a kit that’s slightly focused on your favorite guild! That’s right, not only do you get to play in this awesome event, but you get to do so with your favorite Magic colors!


Here’s the full list of awesome products you can choose from to start your collection! Guilds of Ravnica releases on Friday, October 5 and we’ll have a special midnight release to celebrate!


Orders for the first 60 booster boxes will be available during the Prerelease on September 29 and 30 and will include an EXCLUSIVE Buy-A-Box promo card not available in packs!

Guilds of Ravnica: *In-store pickup only.

There you have it! Everything you could want to do but were afraid to ask! Oh, and it’s just the beginning. The release of Guilds of Ravnica just so happens to correspond with our 25th anniversary! Wait until you see what we have planned!

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