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Let your nerd flag fly!

Inside every one of us, there’s a nerd. Some of us let that nerd out, some of us hide it, and some of us deny it. Sometimes we are scared of it, afraid to let everyone know we watch the Big Bang Theory, or read comics, or play board games. We depend on those things to bring us joy, to build friendships, and help us through dark days. Paradox is here to tell you there’s no reason to hide or deny! This summer, we celebrate Nerd-Dependence Day Weekend, your inner nerd, and most of all your right to be whoever you want to be!

The whole country gets Independence Day but that’s just the beginning here because after the fireworks and the lake and the fire pits, we’ve got Nerd-Dependence day and it’s a whole weekend! Oh, sure, we love the lakes and our families and all the great memories, but we also love board games, comic books, and card games and that’s where the party at Paradox begins!

That’s why we party, that’s what we celebrate. Now here’s how we party:

Comics & graphic novels:

*Summer blockbusters!

We’ve got the biggest comics and events waiting for you! You may think the movies are where the blockbusters are, but they all start right here on our shelves! It’s time for you to check them out! We’ll be ready to get you your ticket to the next unforgettable, mind blowing, classic and best of all you get to take the memory home with you!

*50c back issues

Your favorite price, your favorite comics, all weekend long! We’ll have at least a dozen boxes of discount books ready and waiting!

*Graphic novel sale

Take 20% off all our graphic novels so you are ready to catch up on the most unique stories around.


Board Games:

*Learn to play new games!

All day Saturday, you can sign up for these all-American games! WE picked a special batch of demos based on the holiday so head west with us and unlock brand new adventures!

*Tabletop night!

You're used to 6PM the first Saturday of the month being your board game blow out but now our tables are available all weekend! From 10AM Friday until 6PM Sunday, bring your games and your friends and we’ll have the chairs waiting!

Dungeons and Dragons

*Play the world’s greatest role playing game!

Become a wizard, a warrior, a cleric, or any number of other heroes and take on the biggest quests! Whether you are brand new to playing or a long time fan, we’ve got an adventure waiting for you!

On Friday we'll be running special sessions with the Stranger Things-inspired Starter Set!

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Magic the Gathering:

*M20 Prerelease

Every summer, Magic gives us the easiest entry point for every player. These are the classic cards, the fundamental strategies, and the heart and soul of the whole game. We’ve got events all weekend long and now is the time to leap from Arena to paper Magic! Check out our full schedule including our EXCLUSIVE Premium store booster drafts!


It’s always okay to be you and now you get to celebrate that at Nerd-Dependence Day! Plan your vacations, plan your parties, reserve your events, and let everyone know how your going to take part! Don’t forget to share this great weekend with everyone you know so we can make this 2nd annual Nerd-Dependence Day bigger and better together!!