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Every Wednesday: starting @ 10AM

It’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle, and Wednesday is the backbone of it all. While Diamond and the major publishers are temporarily suspended, Paradox is unleashing a huge initiative to keep you engaged, entertained, and most of all getting new comics to read! From working with small publishers, to our back issues, to sales, to FB Live sales and pics for window shopping, and so much more, #New2UComicBookDay is your ultimate place to be!

Here’s what we’ve got in mind:

*Independent creators and publishers: We’re working as fast as we can to line up alternate material to get on the racks. We’ve got a network of creator and publisher fans and it may take a bit, but we’ll have brand new comics on the racks!

*Back issues:
We’ve got over 150 long boxes of back issues we’ve been working hard to prep and we’re going to use them right away! You’ll have the options to see these on video or in pics! Plus you can receive your books by curb side or USPS!

*Sales and Discounts Galore:
We’re fashioning our exact policies, but expect great deals on recent books to our oldest back issues!

*Facebook Live, Instagram, and Discord:
We’ll be inviting you to join us on any number of social media channels so stay tuned for your options! We’ll do videos both live and recorded, we’ll have a gallery of window shopping pics, and anything else we can come up with!

We’re putting this all together as quickly as possible. Meantime, here’s the link to our e-commerce site where you’ll find gift cards, Cabin Fever comics, and more! Get ready to help us keep the most important day in comics alive and well!!!