Reading comics and graphic novels isn’t just something you do alone, it makes you part of a huge community of fans who share your love of the world’s greatest hobby! It’s time to break through the isolation and be part of our incredible community here at Paradox by joining Para-Talks, our brand new graphic novel reading club! There’s never been a better time to join the conversation!

Membership Fee: $19.99

Our graphic novel club has a flat entry fee of $19.99 which nets you not only a copy of the current month's graphic novel, but you get the opportunity to join the discussion with members of the creative team that created the book! Immediately below is information on this month's graphic novel/creator and further down the page is a list of past months' books and guests - we've got a pretty solid roster growing and there's no better time to jump in than right now!
NOTE: Any member who already owns the graphic novel for the current month will receive a gift card equal to the cover price of that book to use at Paradox.

September Graphic Novel


Undiscovered Country Volume 1 by Scott Snyder

In UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, readers will journey into an unknown region that was once the United States of America-a mysterious land that has been literally walled off from the rest of the world for well over a century. Two small expeditions enter the former US simultaneously-one from the east, one from the west-and journey inward, each seeking their own form of truth as they struggle to survive in this strange and deadly lost country!


Para-Talks Details:

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You’ll receive a link to our private Discord channel for Para-Talks members only. This is where our guest(s) will join us and our staff will lead our discussion.

Para-Talks Discord Meeting:

Thursday September 24th at 7PM Central

All over the country, shops and fans are getting together this way to keep themselves connected and reading. You’ll meet new friends, get new perspectives, have a chance to share your thoughts, and so much more. Join today and get reading!!

past para-talks books and guests

April 2020 - Instrumental


Dave Chisholm - Author/Artist/Composer

May 2020 - these savage shores vol. 1


ram v - Author

june 2020 - sheriff of babylon


tom king - author

july 2020 - sheriff of babylon


mitch gerads - artist

August 2020 - Once Upon a Space-Time!


Jeffrey Brown - Author