Saturday May 2nd 10am - 6pm

The first Saturday in May has been the biggest day in pop culture for nearly 20 years and this year is no different! We’re bringing you entertainment, sales, charity events, and all kinds of surprises so mark your calnedars and get ready to be immersed in the nerd world!

*An 8-Hour FB Live Marathon event!
*Take part in craft, costume, trivia, and coloring contests!
*Watch and buy from our entire store inventory all day!
*Earn coupons to use when Paradox re-opens!
*Help us support charities all over the area!

it’s supposed to be Free Comic Book Day, but that’s on hold until the comic industry is back on its feet and can make it the best, biggest,most awesome FCBD of all time! But it’s a day we here at Paradox celebrate with you every year and it’s always a special occasion. We asked ourselves how we could bring that together during this time of crisis and we put together what we think is a truly spectacular event! Our first priority at Paradox is to help you by building a great place where it’s okay to be you, to help you find your people, and to inspire you. Today, we need your help. You’ve given it to us time and time again, and in this unprecedented crisis, we need it more than ever before. We think the Para-Thon is going to be a incredible day of coming together and celebrating the nerd culture we all love and giving you the chance once again to help the shop push through until the normal life we all crave returns.

Tune in, sit back, and get ready to see all our nerd stuff, our specials, and our surprises! We’ve got guests and contests and sales and even charity options waiting. You’ll use our website, PayPal, the phone, FB, and even Discord to take part. You’ll be able to buy what you see and you’ll earn money to spend when the shop is finally ready to open up.

The schedule:

We’ve got so much packed in to this day that 8 hours can barely contain it!


10AM: Para-Thon Kick Off
All our hosts will be on hand to introduce the day and get the events started. You’ll get all the details on how to take part in the contests as well as what you can expect for sales and rewards! We’ll have some surprises to get you glued to the screens!! You don’t have to watch all day, but you’ll miss out if you don’t!

11AM: New comic racks
You’ll see a whole lot of specials and lots of comics! We’re gong to put a camera on some special items saved for this day and survey all the books on our shelves !

12N: All Ages graphic Novels
One of our favorite sections in the shop is our kids graphic novels and we’re gong to spend this hour showing you everything we’ve got!

1PM: Indy Graphic Novels
Now that you’ve seen what to get for the kiddos, it’s time for our team to show you our favorite small press titles. No spandex in this hour!

2PM: It’s Game Time!
We’re going to devote 2 hours to our D&D, board games, minis, dice, and the rest of our RPGs!!!

4PM: Marvel and DC Graphic Novels
Now it’s time for the blockbusters! All of comics' biggest names are here!

5PM: Back Issue Time!
It’s an hour of as many books as we can put in front of you! They aren’t new comics, but a lot of them are going to be new to you!

6PM Closing Ceremonies / Kick Off to Virtual Game Night!
We’ll say goodbye, announce any winners we can, thank everyone, and we’ll turn things over to our Game Night crew!

The Details:

Loyalty Rewards:
All day long, we’re bringing back our Holiday Loyalty Program. Every $20 spent will get you a $2 coupon for future Paradox purchases when the doors are open and there are bonuses as you climb higher. We’ll total all your purchases from the whole day at the end. We’ll have lots of ways for you to let us know what you want and make your purchases or get invoiced. Here’s how it works:
*Every $20 Spent: $2 Paradox gift Card
*Bonus at $50 Spent: $2 Gift Card
*Bonus at $100 Spent: $4 Gift Card
*Bonus at $200 Spent: $10 Gift Card
Note: All bonuses are in addition to your base rewards. Keep doing the math for your best values and be armed with gift cards when we unlock the doors soon!


Crafty Scavenger Hunt:
We’ll have a variety of activities to show off your creativity using household items. This is an all ages activity (adult supervision and/or assistance may be needed). This activity will start at 10am and end at 6pm – get that list checked off in whatever order you wish! Join us for a fun-filled day!

- Take a picture of each activity as you complete it.
- Post it on the Paradox Comics-n-Cards Facebook page
- If you complete all 7 activities, post the final picture with the headline I DID THE THING!
- For every person that completes all 7 activities, CoreCon's Spark Station will donate $10 to Paradox Comics-n-Cards
- Go forth and be creative!

1. Super Shampoo
- Take a piece of paper and design your cape
- Wrap it around the neck of a shampoo bottle
- Secure with a piece of tape
2. Secret Lair
- Use chairs, blankets, pillows
- Create a secret lair (blanket fort)
3. Superhero vehicle
- Gather building blocks like LEGO or K'Nex or something similar
- Build a car, plane, boat, or create your own new kind of vehicle!
4. Vinyl Battle
- Gather some action or vinyl figures
- Pose them for the ultimate battle
5. Funny Faces
- Grab a plate
- Take some various food (don't be wasteful, use what you will eat for a snack)
- Arrange your food into a face!
6. Silly Hat
- Use aluminum foil or paper
- Make a hat
7. Painted Rock
- Take a rock from outside
- Paint a fun design or critter on your rock

Throughout the day, we’ll have a trivia contest going on but you can’t cheat! No looking up answers on google - this is to test your knowledge! We don’t have any prizes for this so it’s just a badge of honor!

Art Contest:
Whether it’s coloring your favorite character, drawing something, painting a miniature, or coming up with whatever you want, spend the day putting together a great piece to show off! You can’t start until 10AM when the marathon kicks off, we want you to show pics of your progress through out the day, and then we’ll all take a look at the finished products together!

We’ve got a galaxy of cosplay coming your way! The heroes and villains of the Star Wars universe are ready to stand with us in our time of need:

Wampa Hunter Squad of the 501st Legion: You’ve seen these troopers at FCBD, conventions, and charity events for years! They’ll never lay down their arms!
Oyu'baat Clan of the Mandalorian Mercs: We’ve contracted the most merciless and ferocious warriors!
Rebel Legion: The heroes of the rebellion are ready! Heroic X-Wing pilots and rebel soldiers will never surrender!
Stygeon Prime Spire of The Dark Empire: the greatest villains ever assembled!

And that’s just the beginning! We call on all cosplay fanatics to join the day! Post your pictures, show us how you assemble your costumes, and celebrate your favorite hobby! Don’t let isolation stop you from being who you truly are!

How to Participate

The live stream and contests will be hosted on the Paradox Comics-N-Cards Facebook page

To purchase and donate all day, comment on FB or call or use the following form. Paradox staff will be ready and waiting!
Phone: 701.239.9505
Contact Form

From the bottom of our hearts, we want you to know how much we appreciate everything you’ve done so far to help us out. We hope this marathon represents who Paradox is and what it means to so many. The local comic and game shop is part business, part playground, part meet up, but it’s mostly your home away from home. Please invite your friends and family to join us, get set for entertainment and sharing and buying, and help us push Paradox forward with you!