Paradox 25
Celebrating Board Games!
Saturday, October 6 & Sunday October 7

Welcome, gamers!! This page is just chuck full of info, but let’s start with Saturday’s HUGE Tabletop Night!

Tabletop Night – Paradox 25 Anniversary Event
Saturday, October 6 – 6PM

As always, you’ll find chairs and tables to play your games with your group but we’ve added an amazing array of special events and activities and it all starts with this:

Tabletop Night – Paradox 25 Anniversary Event

Entry Fee: FREE!

Registration: 6PM

Choose 4 different tracks to the finals!


# of entries: 16

Format: 4 player pods, winners advance.


# of entries: 16

Format: 4 player pods, winners advance.


# of entries: 16

Format: 4 player pods, winners advance.

Ticket to Ride

# of entries: 16

Format: 4 player pods, winners advance.


1st Place in each Track: $50 Gift card

2nd Place in each Track: $20 Gift Card

The Final Table!

Our 4 champions in Catan, Carcassone, Dominion, and Ticket to Ride face off in one final event!

The Format: We’ve chosen a MYSTERY GAME to determine our champion!

Don’t worry, you’ll know how to play it!


All Finalists: 10% off any Paradox purchase for 1 year!

1st Place: $100 Paradox Gift Card

We’ve picked the games we think are the most iconic, most well-known, around! You’ve been to our tabletop nights for years, you’ve played at conventions, at home, or at your friends. Now it’s time to put all that skill, all that experience, to work and become Paradox 25th Anniversary Tabletop champion!

Group Challenges and Bingo Cards!

You and your friends will share special name tags and work together to complete our Bingo Cards and our surprise challenges for special prizes. This is our biggest social interaction gaming event ever.

Prizes and Giveaways!

Compete in our tournaments for prizes, complete our Bingo Cards, win our group challenges, and that’s still just the beginning. No Tabletop Night is complete without our tickets and hourly giveaways.

You must not miss this event. You’ve never seen anything like it and it’s your night. We’re going to make new memories, new friends, and celebrate 25 years of Paradox.

I think every single one of us played Candy Land or Clue or Monopoly or Life or Cribbage. Whichever one you played, I bet you are getting that warm fuzzy feeling right now. You are safe and happy with your parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, and you’re rolling dice and trying to win. There’s nothing like a board game. It brings us together in person and challenges us to solve a puzzle while we laugh and spend time with those we love. I guess every once in a while they make us really mad when we lose but that’s okay too.

When Paradox first opened, we sold comic books and non-sports cards. I didn’t want anything to do with gaming. But the first winter I was open, I got pulled into Magic: The Gathering. I went kicking and screaming, but it became the biggest thing in the shop. Now, if you are reading this, it’s because you love board games. So you’ll understand what I’m about to say. See, because we were into Magic, we thought we were a game store. Honest to goodness. Oh, and we carried Dungeons & Dragons as well starting with 3.0. We were so sure we were a game store. But we sure as heck were not.

It took me a long time to get that through my head. Maybe another decade. But employees, customers, and friends starting introducing me and the shopto board games. They started against the back wall on a couple of bookshelves from Home Depot. Then they moved up by the front door and doubled in space. Finally, they found their true home and everything changed.

In 2011, I doubled the space of the shop with our Event Center and it was right then that I caught lighting in a bottle. I was starting to play board games and I was seeing more and more customers and I needed to come up with events to fill the seats. So we went all in. We built brand new displays and made board games their own giant part of the shop. To coincide, we launched Tabletop Night, now a staple the first Saturday of every month. It’s one of the best things that ever happened here.

Around that same time, we got involved with Extra life for the Children’s Miracle Network. Through all this change, my staff and family and I made so many new friends and became part of something so much bigger than ourselves. My perspective changed, my goals changed, and my understanding of what gaming was finally came to be. Now as we celebrate 25 years of Paradox, we’re planning our biggest Tabletop Night and our biggest family game day in the store’s history. I’ve always said you bring the games and the passion and your friends and we’ve got the chairs and tables waiting and that’s never been more true. But in addition, we’re going to challenge you and your game group with some incredible events, great prizes, and an unforgettable weekend.

Family Reunion Game Day – Paradox 25 Anniversary Event
Sunday, October 7 – 12 Noon

From noon to 6PM, our tables are dedicated to you and your family. Hopefully you’ve read our main post and if you haven’t check the link below. But Sunday is the day our celebration all comes together. We’ve built up to it all week and gamers are the heart and soul of this day. We’ll have games for you and your kids, your friends, anyone you consider family. We always invite you to bring your own games as well but we’ve got some really special things planned for the kids who come and game.  Best of all, you can take part in our commemorative picture in the Paradox Family Reunion photo at 2PM and be part of history!

Thank you so much for supporting us over these years. You made it all worth it and we can’t wait to play some games and make some new memories while commemorating the old ones.

Check this link for details and don’t miss our family picture Sunday, October 7 at 2PM to commemorate history!

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