Paradox 25
Celebrating Dungeons & Dragons!
Wednesday, October 3

Of course I was a nerd when I was a kid. I read comics, watched Star Wars, Star Trek, and craved any fantasy movie that came along. I read Lord of the Rings like every good young nerd. Imagine my reaction when I found out there was such a thing as role playing games. Oh, and of course, like so many, my introduction was with Dungeons & Dragons. For me, it was the Advanced D&D box set. I should mention that was just the beginning. I played the I.C.E. Middle Earth system, West End Star Wars, Marvel Super Heroes, Cyber Punk, Robotech, Twilight 2000, Traveller, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something. But I always came back to the original.

When Paradox opened, I had no intention of being a game shop. I had played a lot of games but I saw Paradox as a comic shop first and foremost and that’s where I wanted to put my focus. But that all changed the first winter we were opened when we brought in our first box of Magic: The Gathering. Suddenly, we were selling games. So when D&D 3rd Edition was released, we created our first ever major game display. We got a rack and put it right up front by the door and loaded it with copies of the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual. We also realized that those same tables and chairs we were using for Magic tournaments could just as well host D&D events. Back then, we never had more than a group or two but they played every weekend and at least one night a week.

We went on to sell the wildly popular 3.5, still heralded as possibly the best gaming system every made — so popular when it was retired it spawned it’s own competition with Pathfinder using the 3.5 rules. Next was 4E, easily the most controversial if not reviled of any rpg ever. It was a response to World of Warcraft and it was a numbers heavy combat system. I actually really enjoyed playing that game a lot. And now, at last, here we are with 5th Edition, or just plain Dungeons & Dragons and it’s an absolute golden age of content, organized play, and participation. I’ve never seen a community like this and I’m so so lucky to be part of it.

D&D is one of the most fundamental hobbies in the history of our store and we couldn’t be happier to have it as part of the kick off to our 25th anniversary week of events. We’ve cooked up an incredible, FREE evening of role playing perfect for casual and hard core gamers alike. Oh, and the setting just might be slightly familiar…

Dungeons & Dragons: The Treasure of Dungeon Paradox – Paradox 25 Anniversary Event
Wednesday, October 3

Entry Fee: FREE
Character Creation: 6PM
The Adventure Begins: 7PM

Welcome to the Dungeon Paradox, an original creation of our D&D staff. You and your party will try your hand at the monsters and traps of our most dangerous devise. But should you succeed, should you survive, you’ll unlock a treasure chest full of real Paradox merchandise and deals.

Come alone and join a group or bring your friends to form your own party; we’ll be ready for you. Honestly, this might be my favorite part of the whole week. I certainly hope I can be one of your DMs to really bring this adventure to life.

Thank you to every role player who has ever picked up a sword or a spell book at Paradox. This is truly your game and we’re only here because of you. The celebration lasts for 5 days with a base discount of 20% through out the store.

Check this link for details and don’t miss our family picture Sunday, October 7 at 2PM to commemorate history!

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