Paradox 25
Celebrating Star Wars!
Saturday, October 6

I was 7 when I saw Star Wars for the first time. That’s probably common for a lot of you. But I saw it in a theater in Rochester, Minnesota on a trip to the Mayo Clinic. I had already fallen in love with comic books and this movie is the moment that made me the nerd I am today. Toys, comics, novels, and even a Darth Vader cake filled my family’s house. I’m not sure there would be a Paradox without Star Wars.

There’s never been anything like Star Wars. Ever. The fandom, the stories, the merchandise, and the community that ties it all together. In the earliest days of Paradox, Decipher launched the original card game and it was a massive success and wildly popular for about 10 years until its demise. This wasn’t the first Star Wars game made. As a kid I had the “Escape the Death Star” Hasbro game and the “Attack the Death Star” as well. In the 1980s, I bought every West End Games role playing books. So when the Decipher cards came out, of course Paradox was all in. That was just the beginning of our relationship with Star Wars and Star Wars fans.

We’ve carried nearly every game that’s come along. We’ve sold comics from Dark Horse and Marvel as they explored nearly every era of the history of a galaxy far, far away. Right now, there are a whole group of Star Wars games published by Fantasy Flight Games. You can fight the battles of the greatest science fictions story of all times by dogfighting in X-Wing Miniatures or on the ground with Imperial Assault and Legion or on the grand scale of space battles with Armada. We love and support all these games and all their fans. But the biggest game right now for us is Star Wars: Destiny, a truly unique game combining cards and dice. So we’ve picked that as our official celebration event. But that’s just the beginning of our party for Star Wars fans!

Star Wars: Destiny – A Paradox 25 Anniversary Tournament
Saturday, October 6

Entry Fee: $25.00

Registration: 10AM / Start Time: 11AM
Format: Constructed / Swiss Rounds / Cut to Top 8

1st Place: Paradox 25 Playmat
Top 4: 1 Destiny Booster Box
5-8: 18 Destiny Booster Packs
9+: Booster Packs based on attendance weighted to order of finish.

*Star Wars Comics

All week long we’ll have the best new Marvel Comics Star Wars books along with classic collections in trade paperback! Plus back issues are returning to our shelves!

*Star Wars Miniatures

Thursday night is dedicated to all the incredible miniatures games out there and we can’t wait to see all our Star Wars fans on hand playing all their different games! We’ve planned something truly unique for this night. No tournaments, no pairings, just your favorite minis your way.

Whether you like games, read comics, or just love Star Wars, there’s something for you here. The Force is strong with this event and everything is 20% off all weekend!

Check this link for details and don’t miss our family picture Sunday, October 7 at 2PM to commemorate history!

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