Paradox 25
Celebrating Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks!
Free Graphic Novel Day (FGND)!
Thursday, October 4

I remember when I was a kid that if you wanted to watch a movie, you had to catch it in the theater or wait for it to show up on TV. I’m talking before the VCR, before cable, in the real dark ages. Next came the VCR and that was a huge change. You could record things you wanted even though you still had to wait for them to air. But now you could go to the video store and rent movies. Even then, though, there was nothing like the modern concept of binge watching.

The comic book equivalent is the graphic novel / trade paperback. A lot of our fans don’t like to wait from week to week or month to month to keep up on the story. They want to read it all in one collection. When Paradox opened, there were just a handful of these types of bound reprints but today they are in every comic shop, book store, and book shelf in America. Graphic novels brought in a whole new type of reader, people who didn’t want to try to come in every Wednesday and get titles, but found something to fall in love with in a brand new way. This also went hand in hand with the expansion of the kinds of stories being told in comics. Super heroes are still the biggest part of the comic business, but the graphic novel brought with it whole new genres from science fiction to horror to mystery to romance and so much more. Some of them collect stories told first in comics and some are original stories. But they are all one of the biggest parts of Paradox history.

Every year on the first Saturday in May, we host Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) but to celebrate 25 years of business, we’re bringing you Free Graphic Novel Day (FGND)! Can you imagine walking out the door with a huge trade paperback? Well, you will all day long.

How it works: any customer who spends at least $25 will be able to pick a graphic novel from a huge selection we’ll have waiting completely free. We’ll have books from DC, Marvel, and Image featuring your favorite characters and your next favorite you haven’t met yet. Best of all, we’ll include an offer to come back for more! If you find a volume one of a series and can’t wait for the next one, you’ll have a coupon to get a discount on the next volume.

We invite you to celebrate 25 years of memories, stories, and imagination. What will you read next to make your new memories?

Check this link for details and don’t miss our family picture Sunday, October 7 at 2PM to commemorate history!

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