Hello, beloved comic customers!!!

We’re launching this blog post to serve as an information center for all things comics!!! If there’s one truth about covid-19 it’s that information changes at a rapid fire pace, sometimes even hourly. We use this website, Facebook, text message, and email to try to stay in touch. But we have not been in contact with everyone in our incredible community so we are hoping to create a resource center for you.

Contact Paradox:

If you need to know the status of your subscriptions or if you want to order comics, graphic novels, or just stay in touch with us about what’s happening, use the following resources:
Phone: 701.239.9505
Google Voice Texting: 701.404.7496
Feel free to use any personal contact you have at the shop as well.

Online Ordering:

We’re working daily to build our web store. Our e-commerce site currently contains gift cards, comic bundles, and lots of gaming materials including Dungeons and Dragons, Pokemon, and Magic: the Gathering:

Our site also hosts many blog posts with information about covid-19 and lots of other exciting operations.

For all comic subscribers:

*Subscriber Discount Tier Updates
Please be advised that due to uncertainty caused during the covid-19 ongoing crisis, we’re adjusting our subscriber discounts. Effective May 20th, our new structure is as follows:
*Side Kicks: No Discount
*Super Heroes: 15%
We’re making these changes to ensure our ability to continue to bring you the comics you want. We want to assure you that Paradox is ready and able to handle all subscriptions and we miss our subscriber family dearly. Covid-19 has brought about unprecedented challenges and uncertainty, forcing us to potentially alter the sources we order from, deal with future potential distribution outages, and who knows what other problems. As we navigate this ever changing landscape, we’re facing unknown shipping charges, potential extra hours to receive and process orders, and the associated costs. Your books will be here, your lists are ready, and we greatly appreciate your business and your understanding as we all get back to reading comics together!
*They’re back, baby!!! New comics return beginning May 20th!!

 If all goes well, Diamond has set Wednesday, May 20th as the return of new comics! We’re already placing our Final Order Cut Off numbers for books from DC, IDW, and so many more!!! We’ll have lots of new policies in place yet and you’ll learn our plans during the Para-Thon on May 2nd, but our hearts are filled with joy!

It’s going to be different, it’s going to take time, but new comics will be here soon!!

At the beginning of April, Diamond Comic Distributors was forced to shut down meaning that for nearly a month now we’ve had no new release comic books. We’re looking forward to the day when we are selling new comics again and we’re certain that’s just around the corner. Everyone’s health and safety here at the shop as well as at our distributor and publishers and printers comes first. As we watch the news, we can follow the debate about how and when to reopen operations and we know that day is coming soon. As soon as we have full details, you’ll be the first to hear from us.
*What’s the status of my subscription?

We’ve got records of everything you subscribe to and all books you have on special order. We’re ready to fill these when Diamond is open and operating. If you want a copy of your list or to update anything, use the contact numbers above and we’ll work with you to make sure you get what you need.
*Can I get DC comics now?

It is true that DC Comics has opened up some alternate distribution options. At this time, Paradox is confident that Diamond will restart in the next month or so and that everything being offered through these alternate means is going to be available at Diamond. We have a 27 year long relationship with Diamond and while we can’t wait to put new comics in your hands, we want to put all comics in all customers hands and not just a few DC books in a few people’s hands. It’ll happen soon. We are monitoring this closely and our decision could change. If we reach a point where we need to order through these other means because the books are not at Diamond, we already have an account and we are ready to place those orders. In short, don’t worry, you’ll get your books, but everyone’s health and safety comes first and we’re not confident that DC’s plan properly protects everyone involved including you.
*Should I place new orders?
Right now, Diamond has frozen all new orders and so kind of the same answer, just hang in there and we’ll make sure you know when order forms become available.

Activities for comic customers during the covid-19 / Diamond shut down:

Oh, boy, we’ve got a lot! Between what we are doing at Paradox and the things you can do at home, you will not run out of entertainment or reading material. Check it out:
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Every Wednesday should be new comic book day, but until then we’ve created our own replacement. In fact, it’s become so popular, it just might stick around in addition to new comics when they return!
Here’s a blog with full details, but #new2u kicks off every Wednesday at 11AM with a live FB stream and then through the rest of the day, we post a photo gallery, fill orders, and produce a live hang out from 3PM-5PM.

Paradox Graphic Novel Club: Para-Talks

We’re finally ready to launch a great way to connect, read books, and get together to break the isolation. Here’s full details on how to join and this month’s book:

DC Connect

DC presents DC Connect, the new catalog of what’s coming from DC publishing each month! This downloadable, digital-only catalog features solicitation information for DC’s comic books, original graphic novels, collected editions, and collectibles—and that’s just the start! 

In the coming months DC Connect will update and evolve in order to maximize the advantages of its digital format. Future issues will include expanded content, featuring talent interviews, preview pages from upcoming stories, behind-the-scenes looks at projects in development, multimedia content, and more! The catalog will also have a new look and layout compared to its predecessor, DC Previews, making it more engaging and easier to get the latest intel on current and future DC comic book projects.

Catch up on reading:
For years, we’ve heard from so many of you that you are behind on your new comics. Well, there’s never been a better chance to get right with your comic hobby. With no new books coming in, now is the time to read through your unread books. Whether you’ve got just a few or a gigantic box, take this precious time and tear in. People often say to us that they have become overwhelmed and don’t know how to get through. Our recommendation is one book at a time. Pick a book to read before bed. Organizing all your comics by series and try one at a time. Find a method that works for you but don’t be scared no matter how many titles you are facing.
Protect your collection:

There’s another great opportunity for you to work with your comics. It’s time to get them sorted, bagged and backed, boxed up, put on the wall to showcase your favorite covers, or any other number of options. Straighten up your bookshelf of graphic novels or make sure your comic boxes aren’t on the floor if you are vulnerable to flooding. No matter what your collection needs, you are all set.

There’s lots more to talk about and most of all we just want to know you are okay. Stay tuned and reach out and keep reading!!