Long time Paradox customers will be used to our traditional model of monthly sales and other exciting events to look forward to. In response to Covid-19, we’re changing things up and introducing a long overdue loyalty program. It’s a huge change to how we’ve done things throughout our history, but it puts the power in your hands to earn store credit and redeem when it’s convenient for you. We want to pack our shop with happy and excited pop culture fans, but we can’t gather hundreds of people over one weekend or a single day so now we bring you great deals every day!

Here’s how it works:

Paradox is a home to so many products and services and eventually we’ll expand the program to fit everyone’s hobby. Right now, we’re starting where we can and we’ll expand as we learn. Expect bonus days with 1.5 or 2x points, expect deals on preorders, and expect the program to eventually become a one-size fits all system.
Thank you to all our loyal fans and customers and families and we can’t wait to see you!!!!