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On March 23rd, I was forced to make the hardest  decision I ever had to make. I chose to lock the front door to the shop. Since then, your love and support, the efforts of our employees, and the support of all our families and friends has kept Paradox moving forward. It’s been nearly impossible at times, often the worst days of my business career, but it’s also brought out the blessings I and Paradox are surrounded by. Our guiding philosophy is that Paradox is your safe, third place, your home to be whoever you want, and your place to meet others just like you. I wish I could say every choice I am announcing is going to make everyone happy but I’m asking you to work together with us to ensure the safety of everyone who works here, shops here, plays here, and all our families. This is a home to all of us and in partnership, we will be able to keep the door unlocked.

Paradox Together Guidelines and Polcies:

*The Golden Rule:

If you are sick, have been sick, have been around someone sick, please make the responsible choice to stay home. We want to make sure Paradox is a safe place for everyone including you and this is the #1 way you can help us meet that goal. Ask yourself the questions you’ve heard a thousand times by now: have you or anyone in your circle had covid-19, have a pending test for covid-19, or been sick? There’s no more important or responsible first step.

*Sneeze Guards at all counters: both our check out stations and are card counters all have plexi glass breathing guards in place.

*Employee Masks: all employees are required to wear masks while interacting with customers.

*Social Distancing: all shoppers and staff are required to observe the 6 foot distancing guidelines. We’ll have cues in the shop to show you how far away you are from others.

*Hand Sanitizer Station: please use our hand sanitizer station as you enter and we recommend as you leave as well. 

*Deep Cleaning: we’ll clean all common surfaces including door handles, credit card machines, counters, and more, but we can’t clean all the merchandise.

*Only pick up what you want: we know that browsing is the #1 reason to shop in person, but we ask that you refrain from picking up merchandise you aren’t confident you will buy.

*Checkout: we’ll ask you to hold your merchandise so it can be scanned, we’ll provide merchandise bags for you to take on your own, our credit card machines are contactless, and we’re not accepting cash.

*Limit 10 Customers: We’ll allow 10 people in at any given time. We know this is a small number, but the actual retail space accessible to customers in our shop is limited and we’ll evaluate this total after we see how these early days work out. If you have to wait outside, we expect you to respect the social distancing of 6 feet beginning at the rails next to the steps.

*Children under 16 are not allowed alone: you may accompany a child under 16 and if they are under 10 they must stay with you at all times.

*Masks Required for Shoppers: Yep, we know this is the most controversial, but all the data we can find indicates that masks are the key. It’s true that there is no good study with hard numbers, but with the CDC recommendation, other large companies requiring masks, we're out to play it safe. We're providing masks to buy at the door. We absolutely respect and understand everyone's right to choose and we understand some of you may not shop with us due to this rule. From the bottom of our hearts, we want Paradox to be safe for everyone and we truly believe this is a step that we have to take.

How to Shop at Paradox:

We’re offering a wide arrange of options to satisfy everyone’s comfort level. Remember these are the first steps we’re taking back to “normal” and it’s your patience, support, and understanding that will contribute to our shared home being the best and safest place it can be.

*Call Ahead Shopping: You may call 701.239.9505 to get personal shopping service from a Paradox employee.

*Curb Side Shopping: even as we transition to more options and ease our way back to being open, our curb side shopping option will remain in place

*E-Commerce and USPS Delivery: you can shop our ever expanding web store and order what you want or contact us to arrange any order

Other Important Policies:

We are certain that as we open things up to the next levels, we’ll find more additions to this list, but here’s a guide to start with.

*Collections: we’re arranging video appointments to evaluate your collections. Once we’ve determined a general value, we’ll arrange for you to drop it off at our Event Center where it will remain quarantined for 72 hours before final review and payment can be made. We’ll pay you using PayPal and if that is not possible then via a check. Note: we will not look at a collection of either less than 5 cards or under $25 in value.

*Card Lists: please email al lists to We will not accept phones or paper lists as we cannot touch things you bring with you.

*Event Center: Our Event Center will be opening for events in a very limited capacity starting at the end of June for the Magic M21 Prerelease. Depending on how these events go, we will make adjustments and hopefully continue to bring more events for various card, board, and role-playing games! See below for specific player policies.

Player Policies:

According to the best data we have, events are the most high risk activity and we will only be able to proceed with your help following our policies. We’ve invested in your safety by developing our website for online ticketing and adding sneeze guards to the Event Center as well. All attendees are expected to read and follow all Paradox Together policies and anyone not able to follow them will be unable to participate or asked to leave at any point. All events are subject to cancellation at our discretion as we continue to evaluate safety based on ongoing Covid-19 data. 
*All players will be temp checked before being admitted to the Event center.
*Players are required to wear masks:
*Players must either be seated at their assigned seat or at one of our gathering tables and may not gather otherwise at the counter or around the room.
*Players must wash or sanitize their hands between all matches and other activities related to playing in the event.
*No persons other than players will be allowed in the Event Center and players may not spectate on other matches.
*All sign ups must be done online and all match reporting will be handled as digitally as possible.

For almost two months, this is the time we’ve been waiting for. It’s a time of excitement of joy, but it has to be one of vigilance and working together as well. As a group, we’re going to prevent the spread of covid-19, celebrate the hobbies we love, and show the community who we are and what we believe in. I’m sure there will be more changes ahead as we all navigate this through the next several years. It’s been an honor and a privilege to be a part of your life and to serve you for nearly three decades and you have my promise and Paradox Together

For more than 25 years, Paradox has been your store as much as ours and together we’re ready to unlock the doors and ask you to help keep it safe so it stays that way!