Paradox brings you the perfect way to pass the quarantined day with a bombastic bundle of books!

We’ve packed a ton of pages into an envelope of entertainment and we’re ready to deliver it to your door! Imagine the pure joy of receiving a stack of comic books to quench your quarantine nerd thirst!

Our comic specialists have put their brains together and concocted a crazy care package with the following contents:

*1 Marvel Comics 1st issue
*3 random Marvel comics
*1 1st issue DC Comic
*3 random DC comics
*4 Variety Comics
*1 special Variant Comic

The 4 variety slots allow our team the freedom to have some fun with your order. We can turn them loose to add some of their personal favorites or even tailor to your needs if you leave them a note. The cherry on top of it all is the nice collectible variant surprise you’ll find in the middle of every order!

Whether you’ve loved comics since you were a kid, you fell in love with our characters through the movies or tv, or you are looking for a gift to send to someone to help them make it through their current strife, order one of our Cabin Fever comic envelopes and escape from reality is on it’s way from our headquarters to yours!

*Send Cabin Fever comics to someone in need!*
We’re out to support our most vulnerable communities. Whether it’s foster kids, families at CMN, or anywhere else you’d like to see a care package sent, when you check out add a note and we’ll send your envelope to them instead.

NOTE: You will receive 13 comics described above in a USPS priority envelope. We will send these out Monday through Saturday while supplies last and while we are able.Thank you for your support and understanding and we hope you find some peace in the pages, they’ve always helped us through dark days.

At check out, please disregard the “In Store Pick Up” shipping option that is your only choice. This item will be mailed within 48 hours of your order being placed.