House of X/ Powers of X Issues #1 though #6 (Preorder)


*For this order, you will receive Cover A for every issue. Both series have numerous open to order and ratio variants that will be available but pricing will vary. Please contact us directly for additional covers

More than a year ago, Jonathan Hickman came to Marvel with an idea about the X-Men. Together, over that year, they have built it. Hickman has researched the psychology of the X-Men throughout the decades. He has studied the franchise from top to bottom. He has convinced Marvel to trust him once again to tell an unforgettable story. This could have only happened at the right time, once Marvel and Disney had the X-Men movie rights back, and that time is now. We truly believe that the commitment that Marvel is making is for the right reasons and being handled in the right way. They have cleared the slate of all existing mutant comics. They have planned this for a year. They have put one of the industry’s biggest talents behind it. We also love something specific about their marketing. They do not promise that the books will be changed forever. They actually say that this launch will be the direction of the books for years to come. That is a refreshing and meaningful commitment rather than the usual hyperbole.

So now we want you to take a chance with us. Your commitment to see whether you want to follow the X-Men again is 12 issues long. Hickman’s run begins with two mini series both 6 issues. The books intertwine with each other, releasing every other week for 12 weeks and telling a complete story.

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