Magic the Gathering: Kaldheim Set Booster Box. This product includes a buy-a-box promo: an extended-art foil Realmwalker. Kaldheim is a world that has been inspired by Norse legends and mythology.

Buy-A-Box Promo Cards:
The first 84 boxes picked up or shipped out beginning at 11AM Friday, January, 29th will recieve a buy-A-Box promo Card. These cards come with the purchase of any Kaldheim booster box: draft, set, collector, or theme. Buyers receive 1 card for each box purchased. We are allocated 84 promos, but due to production and shipping issues, it is possible we will receive less and they could arrive late.

  • Due to ongoing printing and shipping concerns, please be advised that dates are subject to change. In addition, buy-A-Box promos are subject to allocation and may arrive later than expected.

Expected release date: 2/5/21


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