Price: $16.99*

What You Get:

3 Modern Horizons packs per Slot, limit 1 slot per purchase, 12 slots available.

How it Works:

We’ll number the Slots 1-12 and we’ll start at the top of the left column of the box. Slot #1 gets the first 3 packs in a column and we move down until we hit the bottom of that column then we go to the middle and repeat the process winding up using the last 3 packs in the right column. Your slot # is assigned in order of your purchase. Once we’ve sold all 8 slots, we’ll organize the stream and break the box. Our preferred time will be 12:15 on a week day because that should work well over lunch breaks and allow anyone working from home a chance to watch.

*Price does not include shipping. If you need your cards shipped to you, contact us for options.


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