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The Mystery Booster is loaded with reprints from over forty previous Magic sets – but these reprints aren’t exactly what today’s Magic players are used to opening in their packs.

Unlike customary reprints, Mystery Booster cards are presented in their original form – original frame, art, typesetting, expansion symbol, legal text, and all.

Booster Pack Contents:
* 2 white commons or uncommons
* 2 blue commons or uncommons
* 2 black commons or uncommons
* 2 red commons or uncommons
* 2 green commons or uncommons
* 1 multicolor common or uncommon
* 1 artifact or land common or uncommon
* 1 rare or mythic rare from before Core Set 2015
* 1 other rare or mythic rare
* 1 foil card pulled from a curated list

*Mystery Booster restock coming soon