Paradox M.A.G.I.C.

Brew, build, crack, or draft! Our Magic Anywhere Gaming Isolation Cube is perfect for every gamer!!

You’ve seen mystery bundles and repacks and altered packaging all over the big box stores, and now we’re bringing you the ultimate do-it-yourself home Magic play experience!! You get to build the sealed product that’s right for you and yours! Whether you want to build and brew your next deck, have a draft, or just crack packs until you pass out, the decision is all yours!

Here’s how it works:
Pick from the listed items a total of packs, decks, bundles, and more until you reach a total of $59.99.

M.A.G.I.C: $59.99
Below you will find a list of all products available. Remember, it’s up to you to combine the to a total of $59.99. We’re not including descriptions of each type of product because most likely if you’ve gotten this far, you are a Magic fan already, but if you have any questions, shoot us an email and we’ll help you with anything:

Standard booster Packs: all packs $2.99
*Theros beyond Death
*Throne of Eldraine
*Magic 2020 Core Set
*War of the Spark
*Ravnica Allegiance
*Guilds of Ravnica

Other Booster Packs:
*Japanese war of the Spark Booster Packs: $3.99
*Theros beyond Death Collector Boosters $14.99
*Magic 2019 Core Set booster Packs: $1.99
*Theros beyond Death: White theme booster: $3.99
*Theros Beyond Death: Black theme booster: $3.99
*Theros beyond Death: Red theme booster: $3.99
*Theros Beyond Death: Green theme booster: $3.99
*Throne of Eldraine: Blue theme booster: $3.99
*Throne of Eldraine: White theme booster: $3.99

Bundles: $29.99
*Theros beyond Death
*Throne of Eldraine
*Magic 2020 Core Set
*War of the Spark

Commander Decks: $29.99
*Faceless Menace
*Merciless Rage*
*Mystic Intellect
*Primal Genesis
*Nature’s Vengeance
*Exquisite Invention
*Arcane Wizardry (Japanese)
*Feline Ferocity (Japanese)

Brawl Decks:
*Knight’s Charge: $19.99
*Wild Bounty: $19.99
*Faerie’s Charge: $19.99
*Savage Hunger: $29.99
Planeswalker Decks: $9.99
*Rowan Planeswalker Deck
*Dovin Planeswalker Deck
*Ashiok Planeswalker Deck
*Elspeth Planeswalker Deck

Prerelease Kits: $19.99
Theros beyond Death

How do I get what I want?
When you go to check out, you’ll see a field called “Notes”. Enter the items you want that total up to $59.99 in any combination. We’ll double check but if all is well, then you will hear back from us when your bundle is ready to go. We’re doing these as in-store / curb side pick up only because the shipping cost could vary depending on what combination of products you choose, but if you want your package shipped, just ask and we’ll work out the right price.