The beloved '80s board game is back with a vengeance!

We're going to keep this short and sweet: Paradox is pleased to offer preorders for one of the hottest games to hit Kickstarter this year: Return to Dark Tower! A "sequel" to the innovative electronic board game from 1981, Return to Dark Tower boasts a 300mm tall mechanical tower that looms over the game board, spewing skulls and doom! 

What Can Paradox Offer?

The base Kickstarter pledge which nets you a copy of the game comes in at $125 (plus shipping) with an expected MSRP of $150 when the game eventually hits retail shelves, and of course there are add-ons for expansions and other awesomeness. 

However, if you preorder through Paradox you can lock in the following prices (tax not included):

Return to Dark Tower game: $119.99

Alliances expansion: $27.50

Dark Hordes (enemy miniatures): $59.99

Coffers (token upgrades): $24.99

This of course includes all unlocked stretch goals!

Plus, you can rest comfortably knowing that your game will be delivered directly to the store where it will rest safely until you're ready to pick it up. No worrying about package thieves absconding with your precious parcel!

How do you preorder?

Preorders can only be placed directly through the store, in person or by calling 701 239-9505. Tell us what you want, and we'll get it for you!

Some things to keep in mind

The Kickstarter has fully funded, so there's no need to worry about submitting a preorder only to find that the project fell through!

The estimated delivery of the final product is February 2021.

The prices listed above do not include tax or shipping. If you are interested in ordering from Paradox and having your items shipped to you, please contact us to make arrangements by calling the phone number above or sending and email to paradox@paradoxcnc.com

The prices above are only good until the pledge manager for the Kickstarter closes which is estimated to be around the beginning of March, so get your orders in now!


The tower beckons...

Will you heed the call?