We're bringing it big to Game Day during our annual Back to the Books sale - check out all of the awesome demos we have in store!!

Nothing says "books" like role-playing games!

We're serving up a huge helping of role-playing games so you can get back to the books in style - whatever style you like! Whether you're into fantasy (Dungeons and Dragons), sci-fi (Starfinder), or alternate-history 1980's (Tales from the Loop), we've got you covered!

Paradox is also proud to welcome the team behind the Viking-fantasy role-playing game Fate of the Norns to Game Day! There will be several tables set up all day long with dedicated game masters who will be more than happy to teach you the system and take you through an adventure steeped in Viking mythology! Skol!

Let's not forget the board games!

We've got a game based on books (Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle), a game where you collect books (Ex Libris), a game where you take on the role of someone writing and publishing a book (Hardback) a and game that is played on the pages of a book (Stuffed Fables)! Check the links above to get more info on each game and RSVP to save yourself a seat at the table!

So there you go, bibliophiles - plenty of gaming goodness to satisfy those literary cravings in one form or another! And of course, we'll have open gaming available from 10am to close in case you have your own book-related favorites you want to play (though you can probably play games not based on books too, if you want). 

See you on September 7th!