Saturday December 7th!

We’re taking a break from our usual game day to bring back tabletop Night and a HUGE party!
*SPECIAL Pot Luck Tabletop Night
*White Wampa Game Exchange

All year long, you’ve tried out new games with us, been a part of an incredible transformation of Paradox gaming, and now to say thank you we are bringing back Tabletop Night for an incredible party!

Okay, so we still have a few demos...

We couldn't completely do away with our demos. Sign up for one of three D&D sessions, Starfinder, and a recent favorite - Dungeon Crawl Classics!

*Pot Luck!

Cookies, fondu, chips, chili, and everything in between is welcome! We recommend you prep in the spirit of the holidays with a family favorite or something appropriate for the time of year!

*Please don't bring food before 6pm!

*White Wampa Gift Exchange!

It’s not the holidays without presents! Bring a wrapped present to the party and take part in our gift exchange!

You can find all the details and RSVP...


Our Black Friday sale will be just a week in the past and when we pick up the pieces from that, we’ll have plenty of specials and deals waiting!!

*Tabletop Night Open Gaming

When this all started back in 2011, Tabletop Night was a place for your games and your friends. This party is all about you so that’s what it is again! Anyone who wants to organize something sure can and as we get closer, we’ll add some stuff to the party but otherwise just plan to bring your group and your games or maybe play whatever you end up with after the gift exchange!

That’s it, everyone! It’s the Holidays at Paradox and it’s your night! Let’s bring back that spirit of community we felt at Extra Lie! Let’s pack the house so we can rock out this party!