KeyForge: Age of Ascension Releases Thursday May 30th!

*Preorder today
*Brand new decks
*Brand new events
*Win-A-Box tournaments all weekend!

Ok, gang, it was the hottest game in the world before Christmas. You bought, played, and loved the heck out of it. Now it’s time for its return and it’s back and better than ever! We’ve got the single biggest weekend ever planned and here it comes:

Preorder Today!

*Decks: $9.99
*Starter Sets: $24.99
*Box of 12 Decks: $95.99

Preorder in store or online:


Release Day!

On sale: 10am

*Preorders will be ready and waiting along with a HUGE selection of brand-new, all-different decks!

*Win-A-Box of Age of Ascension!!
Stop by and buy decks, play games, or demo Key Forge with us and enter in a drawing for a FREE box of 12 decks!!! We'll be ready and waiting when we open!!!

*Tune in to our live stream Thursday night showing off new cards and game play with our Tabletop Thursday streaming crew!

FREE Win-A-Box Tournament Spectacular!

Saturday June 1st

*3 Sealed Events!
*Each winner wins a box of Call of the Archons (the first KeyForge set)!
*Top 4 from each win FREE entry to win-a-box finals on Sunday! (if players qualify for a Top 4 spot in more than one tournament they will receive two Age of Ascension decks each time they qualify beyond the first)

Entry Fee: Age of Ascension Deck (NO tournament fee!)
Format: Sealed deck, 3 rounds

Prizes: 1st Place: Call of the Archons Box of 12 decks
1st-4th: Invite to Sunday finals
All other participants: promos

Sign up online!:

Sunday June 2nd

*Championship rounds - only the qualifying players from Saturday's tournament will be invited to play!

*1PM: The tournament begins!
Triad format - Each player brings 3 decks that they can use throughout the tournament (both Call of the Archons and Age of Ascension decks are allowed!). Each round, each player chooses one of their opponent’s decks to “bench,” making that deck unusable for that match.

Each round consists of a best-of-three match. When a player wins a game, they must switch to their other deck for the rest of the match. This means that a player must win a game with each of their non-benched decks to win the match.

*Winner takes home a box of Age of Ascension!

Massive prizes! Incredible new cards! Four days of Key Forge! It’s time to ascend to the next level of gaming!