*Sunday, March 24th we rearrange!
*20% off all in-stock board games and trade paperbacks until March 31st!
*25% discount on special orders until April 30th!
*Full details in this article!

Our top to bottom overhaul is in progress and we’re impatient to show you the new Paradox! But we know the shop has been a bit chaotic so far in 2019. We hoped to remodel faster than we did but this winter has put a damper on our schedule and our plans just like it has yours. But it’s March and we have huge plans for April, May, and June, and it’s time for action. So here’s your guide to everything you need to know about what we are up to.

Remodel schedule:
*For about another two weeks, our remodel team will be putting the final touches on their work. Our slat wall is up but there are screws still to put in place, painting to be done, and patchwork over the small details. We couldn’t be more proud of the work they’ve done and can’t wait to see it finished!
*On Sunday, March 24th, our family is getting together to execute the rearrangement.
Board games and comics are flipping locations for what we believe is an awesome new shopping experience. The store will be wide open and more inviting to all customers than it’s ever been. You will find the most immersive experience you’ve ever had no matter what your hobby is.

*As this has gone on, we have scaled back what we bring in to the shop. Our time has been tied up in these projects and we’re working hard to bring our work to a close. We apologize to anyone who has noticed that there are holes on the shelves and been disappointed in that but we assure you it is a temporary situation.
*20% off all board games and trade paperbacks: there’s no better way to show you how important you are to us than give you what you want—great prices! Now until march 31st take advantage of this deal and stay tuned for our big April announcements!
*25% off special orders: effective today through April 30th! We really appreciate your patience so we’re rewarding it with a larger than normal discount. This does not apply to preorder items that release at a later date but any merch in stock at our distributors that you are looking for, just let the staff know and you get 25% off. All special orders will arrive weekly and you can contact us through our new website, by phone, on Facebook, or in person. We’ll be watching all channels of communication and contacting as soon as your orders arrive.

*April will feature a massive sale we are set to announce soon. We are going to re-curate a lot of our inventory as part of this remodel and bring you the best A-List merchandise you’ve ever seen. Like never before, you will be able to count on us for finding the best sellers in all industries on the shelf and have the ability to get the discounts you expect on those plus have the ability to preorder everything else.

*the all new www.paradoxcnc.com is already live and if you haven’t bookmarked it yet, please do so right away. For years, Facebook was the backbone of our online operation but that all changes. You’ll still find us there as well as on Twitter, Instagram, and a growing number of other places, but this website is the heart of our whole operation moving forward.
*Ecommerce: already, you can order a few of the hottest upcoming releases and products and that is about to grow like crazy. This is one of the most important components of our new operation so join us today to be on the front lines. You are going to get the chance to buy from us when new products are announced and we ask you to choose Paradox for all the great stuff happening in 2019 and beyond.
*Calendar, tickets and preregistration: we now have a calendar that fills all your needs. It’s easier and clearer than ever to see what’s happening at the shop. Best of all, now you can register for all our major events online as well! Our Game Day demos offer you the chance to reserve your seats for free. Our tournaments entry fees can now be paid in advance so your seat is guaranteed. Stay up to date on everything we’ve got planned and guarantee you don’t miss out!
*Blogs: you’ll hear our voices loud and proud talking to you about what’s happening at the shop and around the nerd world. From podcasts to articles to promotions, all the personality of our staff is taking over the internet and the web will never be the same.

Whew. That’s a lot and it’s just the beginning. We’ll be announcing our major, once in a lifetime, sale for April which will lead up to Free Comic Book day and on into our re-grand opening. Those are the major, keystone events, but we have so much more in the pipeline. It all starts with the remodel and the website launch. We can’t thank our long time customers enough for letting us be a part of your lives all these years! To our new ones, we’re glad to shake your hands and welcome you to this community! Your patience and support through this process is greatly appreciated! We’re open every day and are counting on you to pick up your comics, browse our shelves, and place special orders on what’s missing!! Stop by right away and let us know what you think.