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Theros Beyond Death
Go beyond every prerelease that’s come before with our NEW format!!
Friday, Jan 17-19

Theros Beyond Death Pre-Release Party!
Pre-Release Deck Arena
Entry Fee: $24.99 
Purchase a Theros Prerelease Kit and open it right away to discover what waits beyond the crypts of Theros! Practice building a sealed pool before things really get going and play casually to test your skills!

BUY Theros products or pick up preorders!
We’ll have all preorders ready to pick up, but in addition, you’ll find everything from collector’s boosters to booster boxes and even Planeswalker Decks as well!

Note: all products for the Party available while supplies last. We receive everything in limited quantity.

Friday Events:

7PM Events Canceled due to weather!


Saturday Events noon events have been moved to 1PM - check our Facebook Page for up-to-date announcements.


Sunday events just added - 2HG at noon, and Sealed at 6PM!

Weather Cancelations:

Anyone preregistrered for a cancelled event: you’ve got 3 choices:
*We’ll have a list with your name waiting on Sunday to get you in an event
*We can still give you your prerelease kit through the weekend or starting next Friday
*We can refund you if those options don’t work