Friday, January 24th & Saturday, January, 25th

It’s finally time to go back to Theros! Preorders are done, prerelease is over, and now the journey really begins!

What we all need right now is to get our hands on some brand new Magic: the Gathering  cards! No more blizzards or other shenanigans. So here’s our schedule:

Friday, Jan 24th:

All Theros beyond Death cards are on sale! From every type of sealed product to singles, we’re ready and waiting. We’ll have foils, full art lands, constellation art, and every card in the set ready. Contact us today if you have a list.
It’s your first chance to get your new Theros cards on the table. Commander, Standard, or , let’s see what you’ve got.
Entry Fee: $4 + 3 booster packs / 60 Prize Points
Format: 8-person draft pods, 3 Swiss rounds—
—Our normal format is one draft at 6PM, but for release we’re altering back to draft pods. We can run pods with as few as 6 players and run as many as their is demand for.
20 Points per player prize pool:
3-0: 50 Points
2-1: 30 Points
All other records: 10 Points

Saturday, Jan 25th:

Since many were not able to make it last week, we’re offering a special open play event along with a release draft:
*”I Can’t believe It’s Not Prerelease!”
Entry Fee: 1 Theros Prerelease Kit: $25.99
Start Time: 12N
Format: Open Play
How it works
**Build a sealed deck of 40 or more cards, earn a free Theros booster pack
**Play 4 games with your deck, earn a free Theros booster pack
That’s right, just have a great time, get some new cards, and earn some free booster packs. It doesn’t get more casual than that! This is a perfect event to participate in while you are waiting for draft rounds or just for fun and great for casual and new players alike!

Theros Release Draft
Start Time: 1PM
Entry Fee: $8 + 3 booster packs / 60 Prize Points
Format: Swiss rounds based on attendance
*Top 2 Foil Promo Packs
*Top 4 2 Promo Packs
Prize Points: 40 points per player prize pool paid out based on record. Here’s the model for 16 players at 4 rounds, scales up or down for actual attendance and rounds:
4-0: 100 Points
3-1: 60 Points
2-2: 40 Points
All other records: 20 Poihnts

We’re updating calendars and spreading the word.please let your fellow Magic fans know what we’ve got going on. Stay tuned for box opening videos and pics of the sweet foils we’ll have ready for you on Friday