Extra life marathon 2019

A 25-Hour Gaming Event in support of Sanford children’s, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital
Saturday, November 2nd!
Begins at 8AM
Welcome to our new online home for the Extra Life Marathon at Paradox Comics-N-Cards. This blog contains all the information you need to join the nationwide Children’s Miracle Network annual gaming fundraiser and make sure 100% of your efforts benefit local children and families in need. You’ll also find everything you need to know about what’s happening at Paradox and how to participate and help Fargo / Moorhead gamers beat their goals this year!

Since 2013, Paradox has led the effort to raise money for sick children and families in need at Sanford. We have met so many of them and heard their stories. More of them have joined the Extra Life effort. Along the way, the local Extra Life Guild formed and has spent countless hours at movies, conventions, and around the region promoting this great cause. It’s time to ask those of you who have been with us since the beginning, those who joined along the way, and especially anyone looking to help change kids lives. It’s this simple: Be a Hero. Heal kids.

As you prepare for the big day with us, we’re asking you to help us know who you are so we can turn you into the stars of the event and help you reach your fundraising goals. Once you’ve decided to join and participate, please contact me with your team and your plans. We’ll feature you and your fellow gamers on this blog and work with you to get you the space and resources you need for game day. 
Richard Early
Paradox Comics-N-Cards
Phone: 701.239.9505
Paradox Comics-N-Cards
26 Roberts St
Fargo, ND 58102
Now, on to the details!!
Have you done a walk-a-thon or a 5K or some other event for charity? Most of us have at one time, but how many of us get to do what we really love for a great cause: play games. With the Children’s Miracle Network Extra Life event, you have the opportunity of a life time. 
Here’s your guide to not only start your fundraising but take it all the way through our marathon:

Step One: create a fundraising page

Visit www.extra-life.org and create your fundraising page. It takes just a few minutes to begin to change a child’s life forever. You can fundraise on your own or as part of a team.

Step Two: fundraise

Use all the tools at your disposal on your new extra-life.org page and ask your friends, family, and community to support you in your upcoming effort. All it takes is some Facebook posts, tweets, and emails.

Step Three: game for 25 hours

Once you’ve done all the work, the games begin. Here at Paradox, you will have a space to play whatever you want from board games to role playing games to miniatures games to card games and more. You can participate anywhere you want and being part of the marathon is the most important thing, but we at Paradox try to make our shop a beacon to inspire your efforts and give you somewhere to be to feel like you are part of something amazing.

The Paradox Marathon:

You and your friends will get tables to play on along with all kinds of great opportunities all day long.
*FREE breakfast, lunch, and late night snacks
We take care of our heroes! Expect Sandy’s donuts, pizzas, snacks, and drinks!
*giveaways and sales
All day long, we’ll draw for games and gift cards! Plus we’ll reward your efforts with special discounts on all our games!
*Donation Jar challenges
Each table in our Event Center will be prepped with a special Mason Jar and “Cheat Sheet”. You can donate to Extra Life and gain special abilities and twists to the games you are playing. Best of all, the table with the most funds raised wins an EXCLUSIVE pizza and gaming party!
Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 7.22.05 PM

*Live Stream

For 25 hours, the Paradox crew will be gaming LIVE on twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. They’ve got a host of very special content lined up including:
*A special 2-part Gloomhaven scenario designed by Marcel Cwertetschka
*As-yet unreleased materials from the upcoming Spirit Island expansion Jagged Earth
*Celebrity Monopoly featuring local celebrities TBD
*A role-playing game titled "Full Metal President"..?
You won't want to miss a minute of it!


Now it’s up to you to join our effort. Please consider Extra Life. It’s one day of your life to change a child’s life forever. Contact Paradox today if you want to be involved and we’ll help in every way we can. Our experts will help you set up your page, fundraise, and make sure we’ve got your seats for you at our marathon.

Check out our teams and participants and make a donation!