Saturday, April 4th 6PM

Let’s face it, fellow nerds, in some ways this was the natural disaster we’ve all been training for. Social isolation? Check! Stay in and watch tv and play video games? Check! Unfortunately, though, we’ve temporarily lost what really matters: our person to person interactions in the game rooms of Paradox and CoreCon and beyond. You might be isolated, but you sure as heck aren’t alone!

You know what? Screw it. Let’s not lose any of that. Let’s stick together and not let a little thing like the end of the world stop us from being who we are and doing what we love!! We’re bringing our monthly Game Day / Tabletop Night straight to your home on Saturday, April 4th! With the help of the incredible leadership at CoreCon and the Kamikaze Snowmen, we’ve put together everything we all need to virtually game together!

Welcome to virtual game Day!

Start Time: 6PM
End Time: when you pass out from having too much fun!!

Get your games, get your snacks ready, and put yourself at the table with all your gaming family!

How to participate:
Join the Paradox Comics-N-Cards Discord server so you are ready to be part of Game Day. We’ll have channels for everybody, anchored with a general chat where you can post and share all your favorite moments from the night! You’ll be able to chat with only the people in your games as well. Think of our Discord server as your game room for the night and you are sitting in the middle of all the action!

Open Gaming:
The backbone of all gaming is playing the games you want. Usually, we all sit under one roof to do it, but this time it’s happening wherever you are. Prep your favorite games with your family and roommates, but remember we aren’t encouraging you to get together with anyone you aren’t already with. As you game, you’ll be able to chat with everyone else who’s doing the same thing as you. We won’t be across the table from you, but we’ll all be playing together like we were meant to!

Other Gaming:
How are you gaming? Do you have a virtual replacement for your hobby? If so, we want to hear about it and we want to know if you’d help bring us together through it. Whether it’s tabletop simulators on steam, roll20.ent D&D, or so many other options, we want your help to make this a night to remember.

Please contact Kim Odegaard if you want to help organize just about any kind of gaming. We need you to help create as all encompassing a night as we can.

Streaming and remote gaming

Our very own, super hilarious, extremely handsome, world famous Kamikaze Snowman Josh Trumbo will host a streaming event and he’s frothing at the mouth to get his loveable mug into your home... did that sound creepy....?

Check out the details for the two remote gaming sessions he's hosting, and RSVP if you want to play a game with others from the safety of your own home!

Do you miss us? We sure miss you and we are more than ready to forget about what’s happening outside our doors and see and talk to all our friends and family! We’re isolated but we’re never alone as part of the greatest gaming community in the world. This event has been a joint effort with all the key players from CoreCon and Paradox and we have only one goal: make sure our family stays strong through all of this! We’re going to get through and we’re going to do it together! Now spread the word and let’s see if we can include every single nerd we can reach so no one is left behind!