How to Find Your People

Are you looking for an incredible social gaming experience that will challenge your imagination and draw out your creativity?

Welcome to Magic: the Gathering. Think of Magic as part chess, part puzzle, and part War. The world’s greatest fantasy card game has all those elements. You will find unbelievable artwork, amazing memories, and you’ll find yourself using your creativity and problem solving skills. Even your math skills and critical thinking will improve. You can enjoy epic storylines and follow giant battles and quests over years of stories and across infinite plains of reality.

How to get started:
Our goal is to create a pathway for you to join us and your fellow MTG players while remaking down all the barriers that stand in your way. As life long gamers and MTG hobbyists, we know what it’s like to feel intimidated by Magic. From price point to competitive players to coming alone for the first time, we’re just here to help you find your people.

here's how the pathway works:

*Welcome to MTG:
We’ve got absolutely free demo decks and staff waiting for you. You’ll play with our Magic fans on staff who wil make sure you are familiar with the core rules of the game. Better yet, the decks are yours to keep once you have them.

*New Player Program:
Welcome to the Paradox New Player Program! Now that you know how to play, you're ready to take your spot with our Magic community! We know this part is scary so we’re going to reward you with your own special prizes!

*Sign up for a DCI#:
FREE Magic Theme booster!
All you have to do is make it official and we’ll hand you a Theme booster of your choice valued at $8!
DCI#s are used when you enter events to track your play history. These numbers allow the program we use to run our events pair you up with your other MTG-ers as well as allow you to follow all the games you ever played through your account! Every time you take part in events, you’ll earn more points for your personalized avatar you create on your account!

*Enter your first FNM:
FREE 20 Prize Points
We’ve got two ways for you to join in the Friday Night Magic fun, either at our full $8 entry or at a special $2 casual price! Either way, you simply get this bonus award for being brave! You can do this up to six times!

*Enter 3 total FNMs:
FREE 50 Prize Wall Points!
Congratulations, your over the hump and MTG might just be turning in to your favorite hobby! We’re so happy you’ve joined us, we want to give you this special bonus! You can hit this one twice!

*New Player Referral bonus!
FREE 100 Prize Wall Points
Our program is ready and waiting and so are we! We’re here at the shop every day, but our veteran Magic players are out there in the world at their jobs, school, with their families, or their taking part in their other hobbies. Now we’re asking them to take the next step in building the next generation of Magic players! Any player who completes our program will unlock this gift for you! Make sure we know you sent them in and we’ll do the rest!