Last year, we celebrated 25 years of business. We have been so proud and fortunate to be part of the amazing community of Fargo / Moorhead comic fans, gamers, and hobbyists of all sorts. We’re honored to be part of your lives as your friends, family, and friendly local comic and game shop.

Now it’s year 26 and we’ve turned yet another page in our history. What’s new at Paradox? Just about everything. As always, we’re dedicated to the best products and experience we can bring you. We have a mission to help change lives and to let everyone know it’s okay to be you. To accomplish those things, we’ve undertaken one of the biggest facelifts in our quarter century.


First things first. Welcome to the brand new Paradox Comics-N-Cards website!! Feel free to browse around and let us know what you think! Check out our new calendar and event preregistration system! It’s now easier than ever to know what’s happening at the shop and best of all to get signed up to be part of it. From D&D to demos, tournaments to leagues, open game nights to comic book events, it’s all at your fingertips now. Next up, click on our Store link and check out our new ecommerce system. There’s just a few items there right now to show you how it looks and works but as time goes by we’ll be adding all kinds of stuff. You’ll find the best new preorders and hottest products around. And now you can buy them right here at your convenience. Never miss the latest releases or events again!

The new website also has featured sections for comics, board games, and Magic the Gathering. These are our core lines, these are who we are first and foremost, and we wanted to make sure our site reflected our dedication to them. You’ll see articles about upcoming releases, reviews, content from publishers, and our thoughts on all of it. All of this great new stuff is tied together with our Paradox Blog which you are reading right now.

There’s so much coming in 2019. After 25 years, we feel like we’re still just getting started. As we get the year going, we’re remodeling the shop and launching a new POS. We’ve kicked off our new monthly Game days. We’re bringing in more staff than ever to give you the best experience ever. We’re planning all this year’s events from Free Comic Book day all the way to the end of the year.

It all starts right here at this very URL.

Bookmark it. Learn it. Love it.

To our long time fans and friends, thank you for letting us be part of your lives all these years. To all those we are going to meet next, welcome to Paradox Comics-N-Cards, we can’t wait to introduce you to the worlds of imagination at our shop. Let’s discover the future together as we take on the challenges of the world together knowing we are not alone!!

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