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25 Years of Paradox

Well, heck, welcome to the new Paradox Comics-N-Cards actually!

Last year, we celebrated 25 years of business. We have been so proud and fortunate to be part of the amazing community of Fargo / Moorhead comic fans, gamers, and hobbyists of all sorts. We’re honored to be part of your lives as your friends, family, and friendly local comic and game shop.

Now it’s year 26 and we’ve turned yet another page in our history. What’s new at Paradox? Just about everything. As always, we’re dedicated to the best products and experience we can bring you. We have a mission to help change lives and to let everyone know it’s okay to be you. To accomplish those things, we’ve undertaken one of the biggest facelifts in our quarter century.

Magic The Gathering

Are you a lifelong Magic player? Did you just discover the game through Arena or at your friends dorm room? Here’s why Paradox is the premier Magic: the Gathering store for over 25 years! We can’t wait to play with you!

New & Featured Comics

New comics are available at 10am every Wednesday. Conveniently manage your comic book subscriptions and pulls online through Comixology or order through Previews. We have an island of back issue comics and a wall of trade paperbacks.

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Events for February 2019

Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Sealed Deck Bash


Commander Open Play

Standard Showdown

D&D Adventurers League

Booster Draft

Friday Night Magic – Booster Draft

Friday Night Magic – Modern

Friday Night Magic – Standard


Pokémon League


Commander Open Play

Tuesday Modern

Standard Showdown

Wildcard Wednesday – Wildcard

D&D Adventurers League

Booster Draft

Friday Night Magic – Booster Draft

Friday Night Magic – Modern

Friday Night Magic – Standard

Fargo Moorhead Game Day

Dungeons and Dragons Demo #1

Clank! Demo #1

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Paradox Board Games!

Paradox Comics-N-Cards has an impressive selection of board games. Whether you’re looking for family classics or the hottest releases, there’s a good chance it’s on our shelf, waiting for you to purchase and play! 

We also have a wide range of sourcebooks and accessories for role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars!

And of course, we have the space to play. The front of our store boasts tables decked out with Game Toppers table toppers which offer a comfortable and stylish surface on which to enjoy your favorite games. We also have an Event Center capable of seating over 100 gamers for tournaments, game day events, D&D Adventurers League, and more!


New Podcast Every Monday

New Live Streams Every Tuesday & Thursday


See why we are the ultimate local comic book and game shop in Fargo!


Releases Friday, may 3rd

War of the Spark

Prerelease coming April 27th and 28th
Stay tuned for full details including preorders and preregistration!


review rating 5  Great selection of board games, comic books and magic cards. A place definitely to go as they have magic card and board game events each month, check the schedule on their website. First Saturday of the month is board game night - bring your own games or join a pickup game and meet some new people. The community there is very welcoming in my experience.

thumb ruddyadam

review rating 5  I've been to some comic book, board game, and tabletop stores that made me feel very unwelcome because I didn't know anything about Magic the Gathering, a specific obscure comic character, and know every rule for a board game. This store couldn't be any further from that. They don't lie their way through a conversation just to get you to buy something. If they haven't played it, read it, painted it, or rolled it, they'll let you know but they'll find someone who has to answer your question. Even the customers will chime in if they have some feed back and it seems appropriate. On a slow night one of the staff members had some minis that he had been painting. I asked if he had any tips as I was new to painting. He showed me some quick tips and tricks and explained see of the basics (like don't pay to close attention to detail, most of the time the minis are going to be on a table a couple feet away from your eyes. The small mistakes can't be seen at that point.). I appreciated the conversation and it finally motivated me to finish painting them. Thanks!

thumb Zach Tangen

review rating 5  I think Fargo is extremely lucky to have a board gaming shop like Paradox. They truly encourage community building in everything they do. From tournaments, to matches, to leagues, Paradox really pushes their players to make friends and have fun during their events. A truly professional team that works hard to give their events a polished feel that you would normally have to travel to a bigger city's gaming store to achieve!

thumb Kelly Kohler

review rating 5  Super cool guys. They know their stuff. Fair, honest. Great atmosphere to kick back and hang around. If you're into to comics and cards this is the place to go!!

thumb Devon Fitzpatrick

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