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Getting into comics can be an intimidating endeavor - there are numerous publishers and hundreds of books, some of which have over 500 issues and counting. Well never fear, intrepid readers! One of our comic experts, Darren Gregson, has put together a list of great books that act as a suitable jumping-on point for readers of various ages and interests! Check out the recommendations here and stop in the store to talk comics with any of our friendly staff and find a series that speaks to you!


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We’ve got a wide and growing selection of back issue comics!! There are over 35000 comics in the shop today and we can’t wait to buy and trade for more!!

Our comics are priced at either $2 or $5 in our display boxes. All other back issues are on the wall or on our classic spinner racks and priced as marked.

We buy your comics!! Find a collection in grandma’s attic? Ready to turn in your long boxes after all these years? Call or stop by to arrange a meeting with our comic experts and we’ll get the process started.

We buy everything from bulk collections to premium collectibles.

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