Paradox is your place for Magic The Gathering, whether you're a beginner or a pro, no matter what format you prefer, we've got it all!


Buy, Sell & Trade At Dox

How Do We Do It?

DOX Pricing

Magic the Gathering pricing is a crazy roller coaster that changes with every new set, every big event, and every new article!!

To keep up, we use TCG Player pricing. TCG Player is the home for Magic singles sales and has a constantly changing, up to the minute, market price.  We buy your cards for cash or trade For them so you can build you collection!!

We buy ALL Magic the Gathering cards from bulk collections to premium foils to the most in demand Standard cards. Stop by any time with your singles and we’ll have a Magic expert on hand who can evaluate your collection.

For full details on what we pay in cash and trade, please stop by or contact us. Again, Magic prices change so fast that we deal with everything on a day by day, case by case basis.

Coming Soon: Paradox want lists and buy lists!

Send Us Your Card List!

Whether you are building your first Commander deck, your next Standard deck, or your own home brew concoction for your kitchen table, our staff is ready and waiting to help. Here’s what we need you to do.

*Use our email form including your  name and what type of list, buy or sell.

*List the cards first by color.

*List them by alphabet within the color.

These simple steps make it easier to make sure we get your list done for you as quickly as we can.

We’ll pull the list as soon as we are able, but in store customers and tasks take priority. We’ll respond by email when your list is prepped and let you know what we have and the total.

Thanks for choosing Paradox and we can’t wait to serve you!


WPN Premium

Paradox has been recognized by wizards of the Coast, the publishers of Magic: the Gathering as one of the best places to play in the world. We’ve been singled out for our ability to deliver a consistent, world class experience again and again. When you play here, you take advantage of over 26 years of Magic gaming history. Whether you are a brand new player who just found us or a lifelong expert, you’ve found your people at our shop and we’re ready to provide you with the best possible gaming and shopping experience.

Our status as a Premium store means we're able to provide exclusive events and products you won't find anywhere else!

Weekly Events

Tuesday Night Magic

Tuesday nights feature both Commander and Standard formats.

Friday Night Magic

Fridays at Paradox are full of Magic! In addition to Booster Drafts, Standard, and Commander 4-Player Pod formats, we rotate Modern and Pioneer formats every other week. We also encourage casual play for those who just love the game!


The Paradox Prize Wall


When you play Magic: the Gathering events with us, you earn what we call Prize Wall Points that you can redeem for unique products found on our Prize Wall or you can simply use as store credit. It’s that simple. Your entry fee into nearly all our events makes you eligible for these points and the amount of points that goes out all depends on the event you entered.

What are Prize Points Worth?

10 Prize Wall Points = $2.00
10 Points is the basic unit of value in our point system. You can cleanly see how much value you’ve got from the points you’ve earned. Most importantly, you can redeem 10 Points for $2.00 in store credit, meaning your points give you access to anything you want at the shop. Use your points on the Prize Wall or use them to get the singles, supplies, board games, graphic novels, comic books, or whatever else you’d like.

Prize Wall Product Value

Here’s the baseline:
20 Points = 1 Standard Booster Pack / $4.00
Here’s an example of how we  scale value for you:
50 Points = 3 Booster Packs / $10.00
Many of our products will be better and better deals the more points you earn.

Prize Wall Contents

*Sealed Product
You will find booster packs, bundles, starter  decks, Commander decks booster boxes, and other Magic: the Gathering merchandise.

*Magic Singles
The singles that  appear on the wall will be a showcase of our most expensive and coolest cards. These cards will not be exclusive only to the wall and they will not have fixed pricing. Instead, they will be the best of the best and can be obtained by everyone. Think of this as our top shelf, high end that features all the drool worthy cards we can get our hands on!

Redeem your points today!

You can use your points any time you want. Pick up a pack at the end of an event or save them for a big purchase. We cap redemption at 600 points at a time but we’ll work with anyone who has something bigger in mind.

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