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Proudly supporting local gaming since 1993!

Paradox Comics-N-Cards is the online home for Paradox Comics-N-Cards, Inc., a comics and games retailer located in Fargo, North Dakota. Founded in 1993, Paradox is owned by Richard Early.

Paradox Comics-N-Cards is a friendly local comic and game shop founded in 1993. Our shop is locally owned by Richard Early, America’s only blind hobby retail store owner. Richard has fought blindness his whole life and discovered comics as an escape during his childhood. That love eventually blossomed into Paradox Comics.

Our philosophy is that it’s okay to be you but especially here at our shop. We sell comics and games but our real mission is to help change people’s lives. That objective starts with our own staff of incredible people we help build into leaders and ready for their lifelong careers. Then with the space we dedicated for events and the services we provide, we are proud to be a force for positive energy in the comic and gaming community of Fargo / Moorhead and beyond.

Today, our products include new comics, back issues, board games, role playing games, miniatures games, card games, graphic novels, and supplies for all those hobbies. We offer a great selection of classic stories and games as well as the cutting edge selection of new releases. Our staff is dedicated to providing as much knowledge as possible as well as helping you find the right hobby or addition to your collection.

We can’t wait to meet you and make friends with you. Our area is an active haven of nerd culture and we want to get you involved today.


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