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Each year, Paradox participates in the Extra Life national gaming marathon set up by Children’s Miracle Network. Extra Life benefits our local Children’s Hospital, Sanford Children’s Hospital in Fargo, ND. This year, the fun takes place on Saturday, November 4th!


Extra Life is a yearly, nationwide 24-hour gaming marathon run by the Children’s Miracle Network. Money raised by “Extra Lifers” goes directly to the player’s local children’s hospital. For the last three years, we’ve donated over $20,000 to the Sanford Children’s Hospital. That money has gone directly into training, equipment, and more to help them treat sick kids.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple – players sign up on the Extra Life website, set up or join a team, and start fundraising. (We’ve got details on how to do that below!) The money you raise is entirely supported by the people you know, so your goal is to get the word out that you are trying to help the kids! All you need to do is share your link and your story, and people who click your link can donate to your cause. Successful fundraisers in the past generally use a mixed approach of e-mails, Facebook messages, phone calls or visits with people, tweets, and anything else you can think of! The more you get the word out, the more money you will be able to raise, and the more valuable your marathon time will be!

What’s next?

Once you’ve raised the money, you have to earn it. The final step is to join us for the gaming marathon and play games for 24 hours straight. It’s extreme and exhausting, but it’s always worth it! We recommend taking photos of your gaming experiences, and letting your sponsors know through social media what you are doing so they can see that you are doing your part!

Previous Extra Life Media

We’ve saved a stock of videos, podcasts, and more from our previous Extra Life experiences from 2014 onward. To see what Extra Life is all about at Paradox, check these out!

Extra Life on The Doxcast

The Doxcast #94 – Tabletop – Extra Life Preview
Brian and Dan discuss Extra Life 2013 and 2014, and give an overview of what is changing this year and the plans for Team Green. Bonus mini-reviews of games played in the past!

The Doxcast #96 – Dox Talks – Hillery Mork from Sanford Children’s Hospital
Rich and Brian sit down with Hillery Mork, the Children’s Miracle Network Program Director at our local Sanford Children’s Hospital, to talk about the details of Extra Life and why it is so important for everyone to get involved in this charity.

And check out the interviews with local families at the beginning of each of these episodes:

The Doxcast #95 – Dox Talks – ValleyCon The Doxcast #97 – Magic – Battle for Zendikar Limited Impressions
The Doxcast #98 – Tabletop – Semi-Cooperative Games The Doxcast #99 – Comics – All-New, All-Different

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Videos from Extra Life 2014

We made a bunch of videos last year – not the least of which was a special video by the one-and-only Rich Early showing how important this event is to him. Check out that and some short interviews with members of a number of Paradox teams and see for yourself just how much our community cares!

Rich’s Extra Life 2014 Introduction

Team Member Interviews from Extra Life 2014

The Game Room during Extra Life 2014

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Now’s the time to step up to the plate and help some kids. So, how are you going to be a hero?

I want to donate!

Great! Donations can be taken in several ways. Your first step is to figure out who you want to donate to! If you already know some people who are doing the marathon, then that’s great! Otherwise, any of the above teams would be happy to take your donation. If in doubt, you can always just donate to Rich Early himself! The simplest way to get a donation down is to use the player’s donation page to make a donation using a credit card or Paypal. That way, the money goes right where it needs to be! An example is pictured below – see, easy!

That's exactly the button you should press.

That’s exactly the button you should press.

Want to use paper to get it done? No problem. Donations can be made with the player in person or at the shop on the day of the marathon. You’ll have a brief form to fill out, and we’ll mail in the donation once the marathon has completed. It’s a bit more work, but it’s worth it for the kids, so don’t hesitate if this is how you can help!

I want to fundraise!

Nice! We’d love to have you. As a reminder, fundraising is a serious commitment – but it’s also a way to get way more money to the kids than you might be able to afford yourself. We are happy to have you on board, but we are looking to support players who are serious about putting in the effort to raise as much money as they can! We know that not everyone will have the same level of success, but all that we ask is that you put in the effort and get the word out! Good luck on your mission!

Extra Life does fundraising in “teams”. What’s a team? A team is any number of players who are going to play games together and pool their donations. Teams are a great way to keep each other encouraged and motivated both to successfully raise funds and to keep pushing throughout the day.

First off, do you have a team to join, are you starting a team, or are you on your own?

I have a team to join!

Awesome! If you know your team name, you can search for it on the Extra Life website and join it there. Simply use the “Search for a Player” box and type the team name you are looking for. It’s a little picky, so make sure you get it right! (Protip: Many teams at Paradox start with “ParadoxCNC”!) Then hit enter and you’ll be brought to a new page!

search 1

On the new page, you might see a list of players, but if you choose the Teams tab, you’ll see all the teams that match your search. If you see your team there, it gets really easy – just click the team name and hit the big “Join Our Team” button! If you don’t already have an Extra Life account, you’ll get a chance to make one now. Welcome to the team!

search 2

I’m creating a new team!

Welcome aboard, Captain! Being the captain of a team means rallying your troops, encouraging your team to push harder to raise more money, and being in charge of your presence on your Team’s fundraising page. If you are looking to take more of a leading role in the community, this is the place for you!

Start by clicking “Join” on the main page, and you’ll begin creating an account. During that process, you’ll get to choose to create a team, and you’ll be brought to a page to fill in the details. We recommend you name your team something starting with “ParadoxCNC” so it’s easier to find your community!

On this page, you’ll get a chance to set your team’s goals, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, you’ll get to choose the hospital that your funds will go to. Make sure you choose the “ND – Sanford Children’s Hospital”, as pictured below!

select hospital

From there, just fill in a few more details and you’ll be ready to invite your team members and get started! If you have a team ready to go, email us at events@paradoxcnc.com and we’ll ask you a few questions and get you listed on this page!

I don’t have a team to join!

No worries – freelancers like you are exactly who Captain Rich is looking for! All you need to do is join his crew on the official ParadoxCNC team! There will still be plenty of groups to play games with all day, so all you have to worry about is raising those funds! Just hit “Join our Team” on the team page linked above, create your account, and start getting the word out! Captain Rich will see you bright and early at 8 AM!

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