Remodels? New websites? You still ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!

Hot on the heels of all our massive changes comes our most massive sale of all time! This April, Paradox delivers an incredible, progressive discount event for the ages!!


It all starts Monday April 1st with all board games and all trade paperbacks in the shop on sale at 20% off! Then every Monday, we crank the discount up another 5%! Yep, you read that right. We take it all the way to 40% off with an incredible 30 days of excitment!!

Day by day, we are recreating what Paradox Comics-N-Cards is and this is the next step. We’re not getting out of games or trade paperbacks. Just the opposite. We’re out to build the greatest variety, the best knowledge, and the best prices we’ve ever delivered. But we’ve got a lot of games and books that we need to clear out, great product that didn’t sell for whatever reason and now we want to turn into brand new merchandise! Meantime, you get the deal of a lifetime! We’ll be tempting you every week as we go along so don’t wait too long to grab something for your collection!


What’s new at Paradox? Literally everything. Stop by and visit us with our new remodeled store front, visit our completely overhauled website, and help us count down to the biggest nerd day of the year—Free comic Book Day on Saturday May 4th! Our family is building this new experience for you and yours so stop down and start the next adventure with us today!