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Welcome back one and all, to Paradox, to Magic, to community, and above all to the friendships and relationships you can only find at the game tables.

From March Madness through April Fool’s day, there’s no need to lose your mind over Unfinity delays, Paradox puts the “crazy” in Magic: the Gathering with an incredible tournament series and EXCLUSIVE prizes!

  • 7 Crazy Events!
  • 8 Seats at the Final table!
  • 8 EXCLUSIVE Playmats!

It all begins March 19th, in the heart of madness! Chaos, to be more precise! From there, we’ve got 2 months of insanity planned! Every event will have it’s own entry fee and prizes. Win one of these events, though, and you earn a seat at the Final table. There’s 8 seats to be claimed, and each one comes complete with one of only 8 exclusive play mats pictured below. If you get there, you’ll face the greatest challenge of all: an event shrouded in mystery, impossible to prepare for! Everything you need will be provided, and you will play for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place trophies!

Follow our event calendar here as all the details for Crazy 8 appear, and follow us on FB plus joine our Magic Club so you don’t miss a thing!

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Special Rules

  • We will qualify 8 players for the Final table.
  • Qualify by winning one of our 7 events.
  • Each qualifier will receive 1 of 8 exclusive Crazy 8 Playmats.
  • Playmats will be awarded at the Final Table event on May 14th.
  • In the case that a player cannot attend the final table, we will have an alternate in line. Method for this TBD.
  • In the case the Final Table does not take place, all qualified players will receive equivalent value for the contents of the Final table event and prizes.