Whether you are a True believer or a fan of the Distinguished competition, if you think tights suck, or if you love the most obscure books imaginable, you love comic books. Well, unfortunately, the skies have turned red and the things we normally only read about in comics have come true.
And yet, our love for comics endures. Yes, our first priority at Paradox for our staff and for you is health and safety. Please read our blog about all things corona here for full details:
Ok, now that you’ve done that, you also love comic books. They are a critical part of your life. Every day. It’s a fact. Proven by science.
So how are you gonna do that during all this? Here’s what we’ve got planned.
*We’re open: 10AM-7PM until we hear otherwise. Heck, by the time you read this, we might have. 🙂 If you read the link above, you know how we are making you safe while you are here. PS: we’ve accelerated those efforts again. We’re wiping down nearly everything and in response to customer traffic.
*Pull Box:
make sure that you have told us what your favorite comics, graphic novels, and series are. We’ll have them waiting. There’s 2 tiers of service available and here’s all the info you need to start one right now:
*Keep in contact:
we know how many lay offs and other hardships are here or around the corner for so many of us. We are still bringing in comics every week and we need to know what’s happening for you. If you can pick up books, please do, and I’ll list your options in a sec. But if you can’t and you don’t think you’ll be able to for a while, please let us know and we’ll decide on what to do.
*Curb Side Pick Up: effective immediately, we’ll bring your purchases out to you. Just call to arrange for now until more options are ready.
Phone: 701.239.9505
we’ll offer $5 in town delivery if and when we are asked to close. We’re already set for this option.
*How to Pay: we can invoice you through PayPal, or we have a secure third party credit processor for you, or we’ll deal with you purchase by purchase.
The key points are communication and managing your orders. Our rack orders will likely get tighter and tighter and it’s more important than ever to make sure that you’ve ordered what you want.
Thank you all so much. Your health comes first, your hobby comes second. I want to add that while Paradox may seem like a permenant fixture, we’re just like you. We depend on our revenue every week and every month to pay our bills and our employees. We’re counting on you as much as you are on us, but we want us all to keep perspective.
I believe even more solutions are just around the corner, so stay tuned.