*Prizes are subject to change. For full, updated list stop by or call Paradox Comics-N-Cards!


20 Points

Standard Booster Pack

(Throne of Eldraine, M20, War of the Spark, Rvanica Allegiance, Guilds of Ravnica)

30 Points

Dragon Shield: Perfect Fit Inner Sleeves

KMC: Perfect Size

40 Points

Modern Horizons Booster Packs

War of the Spark Japanese

conspiracy 1

Dragon Shield: Perfect Fit (Resealable) 


50 Points

3 Standard Booster Packs

Iconic Masters Booster Packs

Masters 25 Booster Packs

Eclipse Sleeves

Ultimate Guard: Boulder (100+) 

60 Points

Dragon Shields 

Ultra Pro: Satin Tower

80 Points

Ultimate Masters Booster Packs

DEX Protection Binders: DEX 4


100 Points

Ultimate Guard: Katana

120 Points

Ultimate Guard: Xenoskin 4 Pocket Zipfolio

130 Points

DEX Protection Binders: DEX 9

150 Points

DEX Protection Binders: DEX 12

Ultimate Guard: Xenoskin 9 Pocket Zipfolio 

Ultimate Guard: Xenoskin Flip’n’tray (100+)

200 Points

Ultimate Guard: Xenoskin 12 Pocket Zipfolio 

Ultimate Guard: Xenoskin Twin Flip’n’tray (200+)

500 Points

Standard Booster Box