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Wednesday is a new day!

Even though release of new comics has ground to a halt, Paradox refuses to give up! Comics are a big part of what we do and they mean so much to so many, so we're keeping Wednesday alive with New to You Comic Book Day!


Paradox is on the C.A.S.E.


Paradox is implementing policies including reduced hours and a suspension of current events and activities to stem the spread of Covid 19. 


Quarantine connection

Being a responsible citizen and socially distancing yourself? Good for you! Disappointed that you can't meet up with your friends at Paradox for Game Day? So are we! But we aren't giving up - join us on Saturday April 4th for a Virtual Game Day!


In Part 2 of a three-part series, DoxCast hosts Rich Early and Josh Trumbo chat with their live audience about games that have some kind of a virus or disease element present. How many games can there possibly be about viruses..? If only there was at least one really obvious game that they could reference in regard to this pandemic going on…


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March 31 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Wed 1st

D&D Adventurers League *CURRENTLY SUSPENDED*

April 1 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Thu 2nd
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Magic The Gathering

Are you a lifelong Magic player? Did you just discover the game through Arena or at your friends dorm room? Here’s why Paradox is the premier Magic: the Gathering store for over 25 years! We can’t wait to play with you!

New & Featured Comics

*New Comics: every Wednesday at 10AM you’ll find the latest releases from Marvel, DC, Image, and the rest of the world’s greatest comic publishers!

*Paradox Pull box: make sure you get everything you want at the price you want! You cansave up to 30% on all your favorite comics and they’ll be waiting when you get here!

*Back Issue comics: we’ve got an incredible, growing selection of $2 and $5 back issues along with a wall of premium books! We also buy your comics whether they are from your grandmother’s attic or your recent purchases!


New Podcast Every Monday

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See why we are the ultimate local comic book and game shop in Fargo!


review rating 3  My son really loves this place. He loves what they carry and the social gaming they provide. But the one time I went in to make a $150 purchase, I was ignored when I asked for help, brushed aside and made to wait a long time which is painful for me in order to get the item I needed as it was behind the counter. Not only that, but I asked for advice on what to purchase and it was not the right thing. I just felt like them having to help me was a waste of their time complete with sighs when I asked nicely to be checked out. So beware if you are not a regular there and perhaps the wrong age because you might not be welcome.

thumb Jane Warner

review rating 5  Fair prices and excellent attention by management and ownership. I recently purchased a kickstarter copy of Terraforming Mars Turmoil from Paradox. Great price they didn't gouge like everyone else online. Due to snow, shipment was delayed and owner PERSONALLY contacted me to let me know that shipping was delayed by a day. As soon as the shipping issues were resolved owner texted me that product had shipped. The true mark of a great store is how they handle things when there are problems. Paradox is a great asset to the board gaming community. Just wish I lived closer. I strongly recommend Paradox for all your Geekery.

thumb Michael Bingham

review rating 5  Friendly and welcoming staff, they do a fantastic job of making themselves a part of the community. They carry a wide range of products and will certainly have what you're looking for, otherwise will be able to get it no problem.

thumb Philip Creighton

review rating 5  Good selection of comics and board games. I like that they have a clearance section for the board games.

thumb Dia Thao

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