Bought some nice comics here and I like that they host game nights here too!

Sredna Avatar Sredna
March 24, 2020

Fair prices and excellent attention by management and ownership.I recently purchased a kickstarter copy of Terraforming Mars Turmoil from Paradox. Great price they didn't gouge like everyone else online.Due to snow, shipment was delayed and owner PERSONALLY contacted me to let me know that shipping was delayed by a day. As soon as the shipping issues were resolved owner texted me that product had shipped.The true mark of a great store is how they handle things when there are problems. Paradox is a great asset to the board gaming community. Just wish I lived closer. I strongly recommend Paradox for all your Geekery.

Michael Bingham Avatar Michael Bingham
January 10, 2020

Friendly and welcoming staff, they do a fantastic job of making themselves a part of the community. They carry a wide range of products and will certainly have what you're looking for, otherwise will be able to get it no problem.

Philip Creighton Avatar Philip Creighton
January 6, 2020

Good selection of comics and board games. I like that they have a clearance section for the board games.

Dia Thao Avatar Dia Thao
December 29, 2019

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