Dungeons & Dragons 2024 Player’s Handbook

Early Release Date: Tuesday, September 3rd @ 10AM

  • PHB Regular Cover: $49.99
  • PHB Exclusive LGS Alternate Cover: $49.99

Coming Tuesday, September 17th @ 10AM

  • D&D Character Sheets: $14.99

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$14.99 - Released on 9/17
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The future of Dungeons & Dragons at Paradox Comics-N-Cards!

We’re bringing back D&D organized play with the release of the 2024 PHB and our 50th Anniversary Event. But that’s just the beginning. Here’s a breakdown of what’s coming and more details will be coming soon including how to register, how to become a DM, and so much more.

D&D 50th Anniversary Adventure

Celebrating the release of the 2024 Player’s Handbook & the return of D&D gaming @ Paradox!

  • Sunday, September 8th 12N - 5PM
  • Entry Fee: $74.99
  • Entry Includes: 1 LGS Exclusive Alternate Art PHB (Available September 3rd

Grab your sword or your Spellbook, bring your wits and humor, and take part in an exclusive D&D 50th Anniversary adventure! Full details coming as we get closer. Expect extra benefits like discounts on minis, dice, and older books!

Release Events

Sundays @ 12N

  • Entry Fee: $24.99 or $74.99

Our biggest games come around several times a year when the latest D&D books release. You’ll celebrate the new campaigns, characters, and quests with a special one-shot scenario.

These events will vary in entry fees. Our $74.99 cost will be used for player-centric hardcovers and that price will include either the regular or alternate art cover, your choice. Books that are more focused for DM use will have a $24.99 entry. In both cases, there will be additionally benefits such as discounts on miniatures, dice, RPG supplies, and older books.

Weekly D&D

Every Monday Night

  • 6PM - 8:45PM
  • Entry Fee: $9.99

You’ll find yourself faced with the challenge of an ongoing quest each week. All our tables will play the same book and usually that will be the current released campaign setting.

Monthly D&D Game

One Sunday a month @ 12N

  • Entry Fee: $19.99

This will be a once-a-month recurring game tailored to D&D fans who can’t make weekly adventuring. You’ll be able to gather starting at 12N and your games will last from 1PM - 5PM. Our goal is that you will play with the same people and DM every month.

Become a Paradox Dungeon Master

Full details are still in the works for our new Paradox DM program.

Here are the basics:

  • Take part in DM training
  • Communicate regularly with Paradox staff about events and your games
  • Receive compensation for running games.

We’ll develop this program as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please contact us and we’ll work directly with you.

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